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Jennifer Lopez is sick of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s big butt

April 28, 2014

JENNIFER LOPEZ is sick and tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian’s famous fanny – and she’s ready to reclaim the throne as America’s favorite booty queen!

Insiders say J.Lo resents the round-reared reality star for butting her out of the spotlight. Before Kim, 33, came on the scene, J.Lo had the most talked-about celebrity backside. But now it’s Kim’s killer curves that are constantly making headlines – and Jennifer, 44, is blasting Kim’s “ass-ets” as fake!

“Jennifer is sick of all the talk about Kim’s butt and how much attention she gets for her curves,” said an insider. “She thinks it’s pathetic, because she believes it’s blatantly obvious Kim’s had some type of lift or treatment to get such a gigantic bottom that sticks out like it does.