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Professor at Trinity College on White People – “Let Them F****** Die”

June 23, 2017

A college campus closed Wednesday and a professor reports having fled the state after calling white people “inhuman assholes” and saying “#LetThemFuckingDie.”

Higher academia in America is tolerant of all thought and voices so long as you agree with them

January 6, 2015

Few places in America have a more monopolistic stranglehold on thought, are more hostile to divergent voices, and are home to larger populations of complete hypocrites than college towns. From coast-to-coast, cities like Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Boulder, Madison, Gainesville, Austin are renowned for being hotbeds of liberalism. Interestingly, while these pockets of supposed intellectual enlightenment pride themselves on being open, inclusive and tolerant in reality they are anything but. The fact is that higher academia in America is tolerant of all thought and voices, so long as they’re voices of agreement.

College and university Leftism gone wild

October 20, 2014

Anyone who has been away from teaching at the college level may be surprised at some of the changes that have occurred at the ivory tower. Most of these changes are in place to insure that students have no new thoughts or ideas. This is especially true in the progressive-dominated so-called social and political sciences.

It’s no secret that college and university faculty are liberal. Howard Kurtz writes in the Washington Post that “[c]ollege faculties, long assumed to be a liberal bastion, lean further to the left than even the most conspiratorial conservatives might have imagined

Higher Education brainwashing gone wild

July 26, 2014

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Liberal Academia Gone Wild

June 10, 2014

Lately, there has been so much news about the academy’s leftism going insane, it would take about ten consecutive articles to rehash all that’s happened in the first half of 2014:

crazy professors assaulting pro-life teenagers
literature professors with no political background inveighing against Israel
homosexual witch-burners wielding FOIA requests
zombies shouting down panelists in chilling unison
deans and provosts with no background in law enforcement judging rape cases
commencement speakers axed to please petulant faculty subcultures.
All of that’s just your average Wednesday. We could go on and on.

You know it’s bad when Nanny State Bloomberg has to read Harvard graduates the Riot Act over liberal bias on college campuses. (I don’t think his speech was actually as good as Laura Ingraham seems to think it was, but that’s just me.)