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Lena Dunham Throws Another Innocent Man Under the Rape Bus

December 7, 2018

Actress Lena Dunham threw a man cleared of a rape allegation under the bus in a public apology that is equal parts sycophancy and narcissism.

Lena Dunham Hollywood favorite for next season of The Bachelorette

January 9, 2018

Lena Dunham and her longtime boyfriend Jack Antonoff have broken up after more than half a decade of dating.

Lena Dunham losing thousands of Social Media followers

November 25, 2017

Is there a more tiresome, tedious celebrity feminist alive today than Lena Dunham?

I realise this may seem a slightly incongruous question to ask while Madonna is still with us.

But barely a day seems to go by without Ms Dunham either doing or saying something utterly ridiculous, then usually making grovelling apologies for it hours later.