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Jeff Goldblum Slammed for Calling Out Islam’s Treatment of Gays

April 28, 2020

The holy book of Islam the Qur’an mandates execution for lesbians

ISLAM vs LGBT – Paul Joseph Watson – VIDEO

June 1, 2019

Choose your fighter!

Media won’t report this: President Trump is a Gay-Rights Hero

February 26, 2019

Obama said nothing about the systematic slaughter of gays in Muslim countries
The holy book of Islam the Qur’an mandates execution for lesbians

Obama’s hypocrisy on Gays and Lesbians

August 14, 2013

Where homosexual activity is legal in Muslim countries, some Muslims take the sharia into their own hands. Early in September, the Turkish Hürriyet Daily News reported: “A gay teenager was allegedly killed last month by his father and uncle in the southeastern province of Diyarbakır in a murder that the boy’s rich and powerful tribal family subsequently sought to cover up, according to local members of the LGBT community.”
Sedef Cakmak, a Lambda member, said: “I feel helpless: we are trying to raise awareness of gay rights in this country, but the more visible we become, the more we open ourselves up to this sort of attack.”
Yet Obama says not a word about this, reserving all his criticism for Russia and its “slouching” leader. He should be defending the principle of equality of rights for all against Islamic supremacism, Sharia and the systematic slaughter of gays in Muslim countries. But that would involve criticizing Islamic law, which Obama has never done and never shown any inclination to do, no matter what human rights abuses are committed in its name. He’d rather criticize Vladimir Putin’s posture.