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Leonardo DiCaprio – “We should not have a candidate who doesn’t believe in modern science”

March 27, 2016

Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio told reporters in Japan on Wednesday the United States must elect a president who takes climate change science seriously.

At a press conference in Tokyo promoting The Revenant, the actor and environmental activist told the media, “We should not have a candidate who doesn’t believe in modern science to be leading our country,” according to the AFP.

Leo DiCaprio lectures the peons on Global Warming

February 29, 2016

In addition to his acting work, Leonardo DiCaprio has devoted himself to climate change advocacy, funding eco projects and speaking at gatherings like the UN climate summit in 2014. But secretly, RadarOnline.com has learned, recent charges that he is a “hypocrite” could hold some weight: According to newly leaked Sony emails, the actor happily availed himself of more than $200,000 worth of private jet travel in just six weeks in 2014.