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Linda Hogan is having “the best sex of her life” with her boy toy Charlie Hill!

June 14, 2008

LINDA HOGAN, 47, is dating NINETEEN year old CHARLIE HILL, according to The National Enquirer.            The tabloid has learned that Charlie is bragging to pals he is taking the 47 year old Linda for every penny he can get.   (Color me shocked, SHOCKED!) Charlie even has his eye on getting Linda to […]

Hulk’s wife Linda is robbing the cradle!

June 11, 2008

  IT’S the stuff of nightmares – finding out your mum is dating someone younger than you, reports The U.K. Sun June 11th. And to make things worse for BROOKE HOGAN, the fella in question went to her school… in the year below. The beauty, daughter of wrestling legend HULK HOGAN  has revealed she wasn’t best pleased […]

The Incredible Hulk gets in Plante.

March 1, 2008

  Former wrestling champion Hulk Hogan cheated on his wife with a female family friend, according to a shocking expose in The National Enquirer, WENN is reporting Feb. 29th. Christiane Plante, a 33-year-old pal of the couple’s daughter Brooke, has confessed to her affair with the 54-year-old Hulkster, whose real name is Terry Bollea. The […]