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Muscled Madonna to portray “She Hulk” in new movie!

October 17, 2008

  . Madonna in shape to star in Marvel’s new “SHE HULK” movie! .

Madonna kick starts her “Sticky And Sweet’ Tour!

August 24, 2008

Madonna mood swings on her Sticky and Sweet rehearsals!

July 26, 2008

  . . . .   THE stress of the past month is taking its toll on MADONNA, The U.K. Sun reports july 22nd. The Queen Of Pop has sacked two dancers and her tour manager is threatening to walk out over her spectacular moods. And for the first time, despite her incredible fitness regime, […]

Madonna is impossIble to live with, I’m shocked, SHOCKED!

July 18, 2008

.   MADONNA’s marriage to GUY RITCHIE IS in trouble,  according to the singer’s brother CHRISTOPHER CICCONE,  Beci Wood reports for The U.K. Sun July 18th.   The Queen of pop and the film director have been plagued by rumours they are on the verge of a split –  despite the singer issuing a statement […]

Madonna’s brother claims Guy Ritchie is homophobic

July 16, 2008

  . Madonna’s estranged brother Christopher Ciccone  has refused to make amends with his famous  sister until she speaks to him as an “equal”, WXYX.com reports July 16th. . . Ciccone blames Madonna’s marriage to director Guy Ritchie for creating a rift between the pair –  accusing the director of homophobia. Speaking on television on […]

Madonna’s brother planning a reality TV show (television not the other kind of TV)

July 1, 2008

         The brother of Madonna is set to further embarrass the pop star – he’s reportedly planning a reality TV show based on his life as her sibling, WENN is reporting June 30th. It was announced earlier this month that Christopher Ciccone is writing a tell-all memoir about the superstar, to be published without […]

Madonna not happy as Guy Ritchie quits Kabbalah!

June 26, 2008

  GUY RITCHIE and MADONNA’s marriage  has been thrown deeper into meltdown  after he told her he’s quitting Kabbalah, The U.K. Sun reports June 27th.   Madge has become increasingly involved  with the mystical Jewish religion,  but her film director husband is a step  closer to hitting the road after  losing his faith. Friends say […]

Madonna and Guy Ritchie sleeping in seperate rooms!

June 26, 2008

  MADONNA and GUY RITCHIE had a romantic three day break together  as fears for their marriage grew —  and slept in SEPARATE rooms,  Gordon Smart reports for  The U.K. Sun June 26th.   The couple left the kids with a nanny  and jetted to Milan, Italy,  at the end of last week. But while they […]