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Operation Sedgewick: Mind Control through music

September 23, 2013

Government tapped: Michael Jackson’s last phone call… Dept. of Defense Whistleblower …

I don’t know how legit this video or its claims are, but here you go.

This is Robert Connors, ex DOD operative (20+ years) and Iran and Vietnam vet. On March 1994, Mr.Connors was the Director of Communications for the project Operation Sedgwick (formed by President Reagan in 1989). This was stage two of a main project, MK Ultra: “it’s focus and sole purpose was the control of the African American population, and urban youth, through music.” He then claims to have multiple classified video and audio recordings which he was ordered to destroy.

These include information about the Tupac Shakur murder.Connors ends the video with an ultimatum: “I am giving the DOD until Monday, September 23rd to do the right thing and disclose this information. If they do not, I will release these tapes to the media outlets and into public domain via YouTube.” Once his speech is done he plays an alleged conversation between Michael Jackson and a friend before his untimely death.

I’ve heard/read similar conspiracy theories in the last couple of years. They sometimes involve the government, but they mostly coincide with the theme of Hip-Hop being used as a tool for subjugation and propaganda. The premise is primarily of shadowy entities who have infiltrated Hip-Hop and managed to use the medium to manipulate the culture. As crazy as it sounds, some conspiracies have foundations in factual events. When Pac died, there was a lot of “the government assassinated him” talk. Same with Biggie.