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Border Jumpers: doing the jobs Americans can’t get

June 7, 2015

The standard liberal argument for allowing illegals to remain in the U.S. is that they do the work that Americans wont. However, in a look at the latest jobs report that came out on Friday, the sad reality that many conservatives feared has now taken place. Most jobs in the ‘New Economy’ aren’t going to American citizens, but instead to foreign workers. And by a margin of over 3 to 1.

Polls show Americans fed up with the flood of Border Jumpers

April 6, 2015

A majority of likely voters say the government is “not aggressive enough in deporting those who are in this country illegally,” according to a new Rasmussen Reports poll.

As the Obama administration pushes executive amnesty — to shield up to five million illegal immigrants from deportation, making them eligible for work permits and potential tax benefits — 62 percent of likely voters say the government is not aggressive enough in deporting illegal immigrants.