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Halle Berry Thanksgiving Day brawl confidential details

December 4, 2012

. ____GREEN link below . .__HALLE BERRY  CUSTODY BRAWL ._CONFIDENTIAL –  ___The National Enquirer . __2 GREEN links below . _HALLE BERRY ABUSE -___INVESTIGATION –  ___The National Enquirer . ___Halle Berry shows the strain  _____as it’s revealed daughter  -_____Nahla ‘will become the  -___subject of a Child Protection  ______Services investigation’  _________| Mail Online ____GREEN link below .   Olivier Martinez steps out with a bloody […]

Ashton Kutcher has a crush on Halle Berry

February 29, 2012

Fresh from his split with DEMI MOORE, ASHTON KUTCHER is hot on the stiletto heels of yet another cougar HALLE BERRY.

And friends say that the 34-year-old “Two and a Half Men” star isn’t put off by the fact that Halle, 45, is al­ready in a commit­ted relationship.

“Ashton has known Halle for quite a while, and I’ve heard him say more than once, ‘Man, if I was single…’ ” re­called one pal. “Now that he is single again, he’d give his eye­teeth to act on his crush.”

Halle Berry microwave hot bikini photo gallery

August 27, 2011

Halle Berry erotic bikini photos

Halle Berry in a bikini movie – get my ticket!

September 13, 2009

Halle Berry to wear a bikini in new movie Dark Tide!

Megan Fox is Catwoman in the 2011 Batman movie, major me-wow!

August 26, 2009

Megan Fox to portray Catwoman in the 2011 Batman movie!