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Liberal Bullying is cruising for a bruising

February 10, 2013

Ben Shapiro’s new book, Bullies: How The Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America, is a must-read for anyone interested in politics. The book delves into who the real enemy is and how to combat him. American Thinker had the privilege of interviewing Ben Shapiro about his latest book.
Ben wanted to emphasize that the main bullies are the mass media, including those TV show moderators who “are liberals masquerading as moderates. It is important to start recognizing who the real enemy is here. The one conservative who has done it right is Newt Gingrich, who started attacking the reporters.”
Shapiro’s solution is to have conservative representatives go on the talk show circuit and speak out with gusto when it comes to their ideology. They should be polite by thanking their hosts for the opportunity given, but then they should point out in no uncertain terms that since “I am a conservative and you are a liberal, we have two fundamentally different worldviews, and I just want to let the viewers know this.”