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Eva Longoria desperate to be a Housewife

September 13, 2013

AFTER two divorces and a string of broken romances, EVA LONGORIA is still looking for Mr. Right!

The 38-year-old sexpot dumped her latest love, Ernesto Arguello, after The ENQUIRER revealed he had previously filed for bankruptcy listing millions in debts, sources say, but she dreams of being a wife and mother.

“Eva comes from a big family, and she wants nothing more than to find the right guy and settle down,” said a friend. “Her dream is to live the life that her best pal Victoria Beckham is leading with her husband David and their four beautiful children.”

But Eva seems almost too desper­ate to become a housewife.

“Eva needs a man’s total atten­tion,” noted another source. “As a result, her men feel smoth­ered, and they eventually bail.

“She needs to realize she’s an attractive lady with a lot to offer. She has to stop trying to push relationships forward too quickly.”

After failed marriages to soap actor Tyler Christopher and NBA star Tony Parker, the former “Desperate Housewives” star dated Spanish singer Eduardo Cruz and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez before hooking up with Ernesto.

Eva Longoria and Eduardo Cruz split up

March 9, 2012

he 36-year-old and her Spanish beau — Penélope Cruz’s younger brother — have apparently decided to call it a day after a year-long relationship.

The break-up is said to have happened in the last few days with Eduardo quitting the US to return to Spain.

Meanwhile the brunette beauty is focusing on filming the final episodes of Desperate Housewives.

The former couple recently celebrated their anniversary on a boat in Miami looking very loved up, but the decision is said to be mutual.

They were first introduced to each other at a party by Penélope, 37.

And after declaring to the world they were a couple in February 2011, the beautiful pair appeared to be besotted with each other.

Eva Longoria regrets salad overdosing

January 10, 2012

Eva Longoria regrets adopting a vegan diet when she was younger as she “passed out” in the first week of her tough new regime after eating salad for days.
The Desperate Housewives star has always been a keen meat eater but embarked on a healthier lifestyle, which proved to have drastic consequences.
She tells Health magazine, “I think the time that I became a vegan (is my biggest regret). I love the philosophy behind veganism, but I went from one day eating chicken and meat to eating just salad. I didn’t know how to be a vegan. I didn’t know about soy or almond butter. I didn’t know that there are great breads. So I literally stuck to salads. And I think I passed out the first week.”

Eva Longoria divorce is final

February 12, 2011

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