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TECHNO-DICTATORSHIP: Apple bans Natural News for publishing true Climate Science stories

May 14, 2019

Apple News has banned Natural News for expressing views which Apple claims are “rejected by the scientific community

Hooray for Carbon Dioxide!

September 24, 2017

Among the greatest challenges humankind has faced throughout its history, feeding the world’s hungry ranks at or near the very top of the list. And with the world’s population expected to top nine billion between 2050 and 2100, this issue will surely become even more important in the coming decades.

CLEXIT – Escaping the ‘Climate Change’ N.W.O. hoax

September 2, 2016

First there was Brexit, now there’s Clexit – or “Climate Exit”. The Clexit Coalition represents a growing movement of individuals no longer buying that the “science” behind climate change is settled. They argue that all harmful, costly and unscientific climate treaties should be torn up and are on a mission to have their voices heard and their opinions represented fairly in the media.

Largest U.S. Coal company bankrupted – Thanks Obama!

April 13, 2016

President Obama’s war on coal has bagged its biggest trophy to date: the bankruptcy filing by the largest U.S. coal company, Peabody Energy.

Make no mistake about it, though, Peabody’s management and that of the rest of coal industry bears much of the blame for its own demise. It ought to serve as a lesson for everyone else targeted by take-no-prisoners progressives.

Peabody’s bankruptcy filing follows that of other major coal companies including, Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal, and Patriot Coal. The irony is that coal is actually the world’s fastest growing source of energy, according to the International Energy Agency. So what happened?

Global Warming hoaxers turn up the heat

October 15, 2015

Pope Francis and President Obama continue to preach the perils of global warming, not concerning themselves with any pause or faulty climate models. One of the world’s leading climate change experts disagrees about those perils noting some “mathematical anomalies which effectively ‘disprove’ global warming.”

The Global Warming hoax cost $4 billion a day

August 10, 2015

The global climate change industry is worth an annual $1.5 trillion, according to Climate Change Business Journal. That’s the equivalent of $4 billion a day spent on vital stuff like carbon trading, biofuels, and wind turbines. Or — as Jo Nova notes — it’s the same amount the world spends every year on online shopping.

But there’s a subtle difference between these two industries — the global warming one and the online shopping one. Can you guess what it is?

Well, it’s like this. When you go to, say, Charles Tyrwhitt to buy a nice, smart shirt, or Amazon to buy the box set of Game of Thrones, or Krazykrazysextoy.com to replace your girlfriend’s worn out rabbit, no one is holding a gun to your head. You are buying these things of your own free volition either for yourself or for someone you love. You have paid for them, out of your own money, because you have made the calculation that they will make your life that little bit better. Better than it would, say, if you’d kept the money in your bank account or spent it on something less desirable — a novelty dog poo ornament, say, or a handknitted sweater with Jimmy Savile’s face on it and “I HEART paedos” picked out in gold lamé lettering.

“Destruction of Coal Industry by President Obama”

May 29, 2015

In 2008 then Senator Obama stated during an interview that he would bankrupt the coal industry. It would seem that is at least one promise he is keeping as President.

The South Florida Times reports that the CEO of Murray Energy blamed President Obama’s War On Coal as one of the reasons for having to layoff coal miners across three states. Including over 1,000 Union positions

Dude, have you seen my Global Warming?

September 5, 2014

All right, so we’re slightly premature. By one measure – according to Bishop Hill – we’re still a month away before “no global warming” achieves its coming of age.
But by other measurements, as Matt Ridley notes in the Wall Street Journal, we’re already as much as 19 or even 26 years into “no global warming” “depending on whether you choose the surface temperature record or one of two satellite records of the lower atmosphere.”
Still, whichever measurement you pick, it’s really not looking good for the Warmists – whose stubborn ongoing refusal to acknowledge the failure of the planet’s temperatures to accord with their computer models’ doomsday predictions is starting to look so shameless and desperate it’s really about time they considered a name change. How about “deniers”?
Sure, they’ve found lots of excuses to explain the so-called “pause” in global warming. (“Pause” by the way is a most unscientific term which we really shouldn’t allow them to get away with. It presupposes that they know that continued warming is inevitable. Which they don’t. No one does – and that’s the fundamental problem)

Climate Change ‘Scientists’ full of hot air

July 24, 2014

. . . .

Obama’s EPA says Carbon Dioxide is evil

May 30, 2014

EPA says don’t worry, utilities aren’t building new coal power plants anyway because new gas plants are cheaper. But if the rule simply ratifies where the market is going, it won’t reduce emissions. What then is the point?

The CCS rule is the first part of a 1-2 punch. The real targets of EPA and its allies are existing fossil fuel power plants, which produce 40% of U.S. CO2 emissions.