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Trump dumps evil TPP Agreement

January 23, 2017

President Donald J. Trump killed the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) once and for all on Monday, signing an executive order officially withdrawing from the trade deal negotiations.

Trump summed up what came out in the latest Hillary Clinton tapes – she mocks Sanders supporters

October 2, 2016

Also in his speech on Saturday night, Trump summed up exactly what came out in the latest Hillary Clinton tapes in which she mocks Sanders supporters:

She describes many of them as ignorant, and [that] they want the United States to be more like Scandinavia but that ‘half the people don’t know what that means’ in a really sarcastic tone because she’s a sarcastic woman. To sum up, and I’ll tell you the other thing—she’s an incompetent woman. She’s an incompetent woman. I’ve seen it. Just take a look at what she touches. It never works out, and you watch: her run for the presidency will never ever work out because we can’t let it work out. To sum up, Hillary Clinton thinks Bernie supporters are hopeless and ignorant basement dwellers. Then, of course, she thinks people who vote for and follow us are deplorable and irredeemable. I don’t think so. I don’t think so. We have the smartest people, we have the sharpest people, we have the most amazing people, and you know in all of the years of this country they say, even the pundits—most of them aren’t worth the ground they’re standing on, some of that ground could be fairly wealthy but ground, but most of these people say they have never seen a phenomenon like is going on. We have crowds like this wherever we go.

Trump on TTP: “Just a continuing rape of our country.”

June 29, 2016

“Hillary Clinton is owned by Wall Street,” Trump charged of his competitor. “She spends millions and millions and millions of dollars already on me” in attack ads.

He said she’s “married to the man that signed NAFTA,” referencing President Bill Clinton signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). He added, “She’s not bringing your jobs back. She doesn’t even know about bringing jobs.”

“She’s so totally overrated,” he stressed, saying even if she wanted to create jobs, she wouldn’t be able to do it.