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New York Times ends Political Cartoons after Jew bashing scandal

June 12, 2019

The international edition of the New York Times will no longer feature editorial cartoons. The move to self-censorship follows the uproar sparked by publication of a widely denounced antisemitic caricature of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The New York Times printed second anti-Israel cartoon on Saturday

April 30, 2019

After being severely criticized for running an unsigned anti-Semitic cartoon about its most hated subjects — Jews, Israel, Trump, U.S. of A. — in its international print edition and then mocked for its pathetic excuse on numerous media sites (including American Thinker), the New York Times belatedly attempted an apology on Sunday. And once again failed. Because the Times is not sorry about printing an “offensive” cartoon; as the latest apology attempt demonstrates, it was just sorry it was caught and couldn’t get away with it this time.