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May 7, 2023

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February 28, 2023

13 percent of the population create 50 percent to 75 percent of the violent crime

December 2, 2013

The deniers of black mob violence have a new mantra: “Colin, show us the numbers.” Otherwise, all this talk about the Knockout Game and an epidemic of black on white violence is a myth. An urban legend.
Thus sayeth more than a dozen of media outlets including the Los Angeles Times and NPR — two outlets that loved me when I wrote a story that showed a black man in prison for trying to kill his white girl friend was unjustly convicted. He was released because of that story.
They did not ask for numbers then. Now they do.
I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It for these exact people — the deniers. I did not really put a lot of numbers in White Girl because I figured: What was the point?
First off, the numbers on racial crime and violence are just as horrific as you can imagine. Pick a number between between 5 and 100. That is how many times greater black crime and violence is compared to white and Asian.
The only people who do not know that are ones who don’t want to know it.
Deniers screech “profiling!” when people use lots of statistics on racial violence. Turn around and use stories instead and the Los Angeles Times will accuse you of “cherry picking.”
Result: It’s better not to write about it at all. I just saved you the price of admission to the next Society of Professional Journalists seminar on how to report racial violence.
Let’s do it anyway — talk about the numbers, that is.
The second thing we need to know is that more and more people in academia and the press don’t care about the numbers: They say the enormous difference between black and white rates of crime and violence are not due to black behavior, but white racism. Welcome to Critical Race Theory: White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. Facts are racist.

As an example, they point to pot: Black people and white people smoke the same amount of pot, they insist, but black people get arrested four times more often. That is easy to hear on MSNBC. Easier to refute. The basis of that bogus info is the so- called National Household Survey that simply asks people: Do you smoke pot?
White people and black people say ‘yes’ in the same proportion. But testing is different than talking. And when medical people test, black and white drug use is shown to be far, far different.
OK, statistics lovers: This one’s for you:
“A study of 290 African American men in Baltimore, Maryland undergoing treatment for hypertension showed that self-reporting of illicit drug use is unreliable. Only 48 of the participants reported drug use but urine drug tests revealed that 131 had used drugs.”
Don’t thank me. Thank the poindexters at Johns Hopkins University.
As long as we are in Baltimore, let’s check some numbers here: The Abell Foundation found that black juries were reluctant to convict black people of crimes, compared to other counties in Maryland.
The study found “the probability of convicting an offender of the most serious offense in Baltimore City is .02, in the comparison jurisdictions it is .63.”
In layman’s language, that is 2 percent conviction rate versus 63 percent conviction rate. And it is not just Baltimore. In New York, the racial jury nullification is so common it even has a name: Bronx jury.
100 percent of the people who say racial violence is a myth pretend this is not true.
One more number: The Department of Justice says 50 percent of violent crime goes unreported. The biggest reason why: People don’t think police can do anything about it. And that number is growing.
In South Philadelphia High School, a federal judge found that black students were beating and harassing students daily — for years. When the local paper finally asked the school administrators why they did not call the police, one said: “We did not want to criminalize the black students.”
100 percent of the students involved in this systematic racism and violence were not arrested.
Ditto for Trayvon: Remember him? Jack Cashill does: In his new book, If I Had a Son, he reminds us how Trayvon was caught with burglary tools as well as loot, but was never charged. The Justice Department and Department of Education have decided if black kids and white kids get in trouble at different rates, it is only because 100 percent of the white educators are racist.
The Department of Education has teams of bureaucrats traveling around the country enforcing this new racial edict. 100 percent of the people I ask about this do not know about it. Even school board members where it is happening.
Had enough yet?
A few weeks ago in New Haven, 500 people — 100 percent black — attended a party called An All Black Affair. They fought and destroyed property in the restaurant — and out. Then they fought with police, and took their violence and mayhem to two more places.
100 percent of the people involved were not arrested. There was no police report. Thus it never happened.
New Haven — the home of Yale University — is the site of frequent and intense black mob violence. Often directed at Yalies: Last year, a doctor lost part of his ear during one of these attacks. He was 50 percent of the number of doctors attacked that night by a black mob.
A few days before the All Black Affair, more than 500 people — 100 percent black — were fighting in and out of a movie theater in a suburb of Rochester. That includes fighting with cops and destroying property. 100 percent of the people involved were not arrested. 100 percent of the people involved were put on a bus and taken — not to jail — back to Rochester.
No police report on that either. That incident represents about 5 percent of the number of large scale episodes of black mob violence in Rochester over the last three years.
In Portland, Oregon in November, 100 people — 100 percent black — were in a “riot” and a triple shooting that left one man dead and two wounded outside of a black nightclub — so dangerous even its own bouncers recently had to call police because they feared for their lives during an after-hours party.
100 percent of the rioters were not arrested.
At Howard University a few days before Halloween, hundreds of people — OK, 90 to 95 percent black — stormed the gates of a Hip Hop concert. Many fought with police. Nine people were taken to hospital. The featured performer attracting so much attention: 2Chainz. His biggest hit: Start a Riot. 13 million views on YouTube last I checked.
How you like them numbers?
99 percent of the rioters at Howard were not arrested and there is no police report on the riot at the black university.
Ditto the black Virginia State University a few weeks before that: 200 people — 100 percent black — fought and rioted on campus. One person was stabbed. One person arrested.
100 percent of the people creating the other mayhem were not arrested.
This is a very long list of violence and denial. The stats are unreliable, but also undeniable: Black mob violence and black on white crime including the Knockout Game are exponentially out of proportion.
More than 500 examples of this violence are documented in White Girl Bleed a Lot. So far, 100 percent of the people who say racial violence and the Knockout Game are a myth have not read the book.
New Jersey author and talk show host Willie Shields figured it out. “13 percent of the population create 50 percent to 75 percent of the violent crime. And some people say there is no racial element to violent crime? That is strange because so much of it is on video. Where it is glorified. Celebrated. The deniers have a slogan: Damn the YouTubes, Full Speed ahead.”
Willie is 100 percent correct.