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“Are you wearing anatomy boosting underpants or are you just glad to see me?”

February 13, 2010

. . -_.Men risk -_anticlimax -___with -__anatomy -__boosting -___pants _______February 12th, 2010 By Mark Potter REUTERS.COM Hundreds of British men are risking a Valentine’s Day anticlimax for their partners by stocking up on anatomy-boosting underpants ahead of the most romantic weekend of the year. . . British department store group Debenhams said Thursday it had […]

Bret Michaels Rock Of Horndog!

February 15, 2008

Rock performer Bret Michaels surprised Ellen Degeneres on her U.S. chat show on Thursday, when he presented the comedienne with a bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers. World Entertainment News is reporting Feb. 15th, 2008. The Poison singer, who is searching for a brief fling sex partner, I mean soul mate, on his hit reality show […]