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My name is Craig…Danial Craig

April 5, 2008

From GRANT ROLLINGS In Chile Published: April 5th The U.K. Sun     SEVEN thousand miles from home, 9,000ft above sea level and deep in the world’s driest desert, the secrets of the new James Bond film are unraveling. . 007 movie sets are always well guarded, but The Sun has managed to penetrate the […]

My name is Winehouse…Amy Winehouse!

April 5, 2008

AMY WINEHOUSE and MARK RONSON will write and record the theme to the new James Bond film next week, according to The U.K. Sun April 5th. . The superproducer arrived at Amy’s house on Thursday night to pick up Amy and travel to his country retreat in Henley. . The Back To Black star will […]

Iliana Fischer: Attention casting directors, think the next Bond Girl

March 18, 2008

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