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Christina Hendricks is a natural blonde

December 31, 2012

Christina Hendricks’ modelling agency thought she looked ‘ugly’ when she first dyed her hair red

Madmen’s Lane Pryce decks Pete Campbell and smooches buxom Joan

April 16, 2012

She tempts her male colleagues strutting around the office pouring her considerable curves into figure-hugging ensembles.

And on tonight’s episode of Mad Men the allure of Joan Harris becomes too much for Lane Pryce who tries his luck with his busty colleague.

The English Finance Officer plants a kiss on an unsuspecting Joan after she comforts him following a fist fight with his colleague Pete Campbell.

Christina Hendricks drives men mad with her curves

March 6, 2012

Christina Hendricks likes to look “put together”.

The curvy actress is famed for her portrayal of Joan Holloway in the popular AMC series Mad Men. The television show set during the ’60s is known for its style; with the impressive on-screen fashion inspiring high street collections.

Christina says she looks to her character for ideas when it comes to her personal style.

The Christina Hendricks couple attended The Emmys wearing Zac Posen

August 30, 2010

. . . . . . .

Christina Hendricks to portray an erotic android

June 4, 2010

Christina Hendricks to portray a sexy android in Broken Bells music video Ghost Inside

Christina Hendricks declared best looking couple by Esquire Magazine

April 20, 2010

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