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Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue may return as X-factor judges

December 29, 2013

Dannii Minogue is reportedly being wooed back by the makes of The X Factor to be on the panel of judges alongside Simon Cowell and Cheryl Colethe. Insiders say that the producers want to revive the judge’s panel between the years 2008 to 2010 when the show was most successful.

Of what we have heard is that the makers of this reality show are in discussions with Dannii Minogue, who is currently a part of the Australian panel, to wrap up her stint and be a part of the UK panel. The makers are confident that with Dannii coming in, there would be a rise in the ratings that are on a downslide.

There are two reasons why the producers are routing for Dannii Minogue. Firstly Dannii is still very popular in the UK and they feel that her return would be a positive move for the show and secondly they are hoping to recreate the on-screen chemistry between Simon and Dannii, who the music mogul admitted to having an affair in his 2012 autobiography. Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell together could be very intriguing and exciting on screen because there is a lot of history between them.

Dannii, who appeared as a judge on Australia’s Got Talent before joining The X Factor, revealed she snubbed an offer in the year 2012 to reprise her role in the UK-based singing competition to look after her son Ethan, her child with model Kris Smith.

However, earlier this year Dannii Minogue admitted she wouldn’t rule out a future return to The X Factor, said, “Never say never. I wouldn’t rule it out.”

The moment this news was out, bookies have started speculations but then the final result would be out in a couple of weeks. Looking at the euphoria that it has already generated, if Dannii says yes then it may just work in the favour of the show.

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