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Charlize Theron caught in embrace with Keanu Reeves

June 30, 2013

Stuart Townsend’s ex-long-term girlfriend Charlize Theron has been spotted saying a very long goodbye to Keanu Reeves.

After dining out together in Beverly Hills the stars, who have played lovers on the silver screen, exchanged hugs and kisses before parting ways. When they spotted paparazzi they broke off their embrace and attempted to hide their faces.

Theron broke up with Stewart Townsend after a nine-year relationship in January of this year. After spending Christmas in Mexico with Townsend took off her commitment ring which she had once said she would wear forever.

‘Alien’ movie prequel ‘Prometheus’ terrifying trailer

December 29, 2011

‘Alien’ movie prequel ‘Prometheus’ terrifying trailer

‘Mad Max Fury Road’ loaded with Charlize Theron’s dangerous curves

March 6, 2011

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