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Are Zombies Real? Duh, Yes

October 31, 2013

‘Are Zombie Real?’ letter to the editor

‘World War Z’ movie – based on a future true story

November 16, 2012

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U.S. military training for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

November 1, 2012

Why is the US military preparing for a zombie apocalypse?
That’s the latest training exercise that US Marines and Navy special-operations forces will be taking part in on an island off the coast of San Diego – starting on Wednesday, aka Halloween.
“This is a very real exercise. This is not some type of big costume party,” Brad Barker, president of the Halo Corp. security company, told the Associated Press.

This scenario is dire, modeled in part on a public-service campaign that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched last year, warning that US citizens should be prepared in the event of a zombie invasion.
It will play out Wednesday and Thursday at Halo’s annual Counter-Terrorism Summit security conference, which will be attended by, among other people, former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden.

Naked man gnaws woman’s head

September 15, 2012

State police: “Screaming like an animal” a bleeding naked man gnawed on a woman’s face during a wild rampage.

In Wayne County, Pennsylvania, a Doylestown man, who was naked and bleeding profusely, chewed on woman’s head creating neighborhood terror.

Kellene stores food for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse

September 14, 2012

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Anti-Zombie Kit great stocking stuffer

July 28, 2012

Anti-Zombie Kit available for less than thirty thousand dollars

So called Bath Salts cannibal fits profile for Demon Possession

July 5, 2012

A terrifying ‘zombie cannibal’, high on bath salts, attacked police officers with super human strength and threatened to eat them.

Frightened golfers at a driving range in Alpharetta, Georgia, called the cops when 21-year-old Karl Laventure went on a hysterical rampage running around half naked waving a golf club, reported WSBTV.com.

Exposing The Army’s ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Island

July 4, 2012

The Army has been creating an island since 1998 on the Northeast coast of the United States. Slowly, the US Army Corps of Engineers built dikes to establish its perimeter. They spent more than a decade filling them with mud.

Its name: Poplar island. It seems like a perfect place for a mystery movie with secret labs and mutants.

Crossbow Revolver for The Zombie Apocalypse

June 29, 2012

Slingshot Channel Guy creates 4 shot Crossbow Revolver

2012 Zombie Apocalypse VIDEO better than expected

June 29, 2012

2012 Zombie Apocaplypse/Cannibal Cuisine movie better than expected