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People magazine says Kate Hudson is the most beautiful

May 1, 2008

Kate Hudson (Photo: chinadaily.com.cn/Agencies, File Photo)    Kate Hudson has topped the World’s Most Beautiful People list in People magazine, landing the cover of the annual beauties issue.    People editors chose Hudson as their cover model for her natural beauty, pointing out that the actress “doesn’t owe her famous sun-kissed looks to thousands of hours logged at […]

Bruce Willis gal pal sexy underwear modeling photos!

April 30, 2008

This story is from the U.K. Sun April 29th. WHAT do you do when your ex-wife shacks up with a whippersnapper half your age? Why, you get a younger model of your own whose job it is to strut around in her undies all day long.   It must have been a bitter pill to […]

Dirty Harry as young as you kill

March 25, 2008

  Dirty Harry is back for the first time since 1988.  Clint Eastwood is 77 years old, which means he is in no mood to take any crap from any young punks, mainly, anyone who is younger than he is. . On Tuesday, studio executives at Warner Brothers revealed the 77-year-old legend will direct and […]