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Is Bruce Jenner confirming his gender transformation odyssey?

February 5, 2015

For the last few years, there have been rumors and anonymously sourced tabloid items suggesting that Bruce Jenner, the former Olympic champion and somewhat comically befuddled patriarchal figure on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” was transitioning from male to female.

The various clues — the growing of his hair into ponytail length, the apparent shaving down of his Adam’s apple, the brightly colored polish on his fingernails — were gleefully reported by gossip websites and some of the more fact-challenged tabloid magazines. One of them, In Touch, even went so far as to superimpose a picture of Mr. Jenner’s head onto the body of the actress Stephanie Beacham, adding red lipstick to his mouth in an attempt to feminize his appearance and better reflect the headline, “Bruce’s Story: My Life as a Woman.”

But, for the most part, the so-called mainstream press has steered clear of this story.

Until now.

“Bruce is a plastic surgery mess”

January 21, 2015

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Bruce Jenner roasted by mean magazine cover

January 15, 2015

A magazine published a doctored image of Bruce Jenner wearing lipstick and blush on the cover as it claimed to reveal his life as a ‘transwoman’.

But now it has been revealed that the Photoshop magic was not wholly a work of computer generation as the original photo reference appears to be that of Dynasty star Stephanie Beacham.

Bruce’s head is clearly superimposed over the image of the British actress with a few more Photoshop touches to complete the picture for the InTouch magazine cover.

Bruce Jenner to undergo a derrière chirurgicale? (Buttotomy)

November 19, 2014

Surgery-loving Bruce Jenner is planning a butt job to get revenge on his ex-wife, said sources!

The Olympic hero, 65, is said to be going full steam ahead with his “confidence-building transformation,” and an insider said the next item on his surgery bucket list is a butt job.

“Kris used to nag Bruce big-time to get it done, but he always refused. Even though
he agreed his butt sagged, he was sick of her telling him what to do,” said The ENQUIRER insider.

“No doubt it’s an upgrade he’s familiar with, given his Kardashian associations,” added the source, “but he’s told everyone he cares more that Kris hears about it than how it will actually look!”

Bruce Jenner caught cross-dressing?

November 9, 2014

BRUCE JENNER has been caught cross-dressing – complete with size 13 stilettos, The National ENQUIRER has learned!

In a sensational world exclusive, we can blow the lid off the Olympic hero’s twisted double life and reveal for the first time what he would look like in high heels, a mini dress, lipstick and lingerie!

The ENQUIRER has confirmed through Kardashian moles that his own stepdaughters, Kim and Khloé, have spied the gold medalist’s “secret fetish” clothing.

For his part though, Bruce doesn’t seem fazed at the sex swap talk – he’s even fuelling the rumor mill!

The ENQUIRER spotted Bruce in Los Angeles on Oct. 28 – his 65th birthday – flaunting a manicure with brightly painted pink nails!

He’s previously stepped out in public wearing a sports bra to support his growing bust, along with a form of women’s underwear – shapewear called Spanx, a favored slimming lingerie of the Kardashian clan

Dr. Yoel Shahar estimates Bruce Jenner’s bra size is probably a 38-40B right now

October 14, 2014

He insists he isn’t changing his sex, but Bruce Jenner’s expanding mammaries are so big that the famous decathlete looks like he is wearing a jogging bra!

He appears to be wearing extra support for his not-so “itty bitties,” which could clearly be seen under Bruce’s T-shirt in these exclusive pics taken by The National ENQUIRER.

But experts say it’s premature for the 64-year-old Olympic champ to go lingerie shopping with his stepdaughters.
If he were taking hormones, Bruce’s new boobs aren’t likely to grow much more with just the hormones, says Dr. Yoel Shahar, a Park Avenue plastic surgeon who’s done breast surgeries for women and transsexuals, and has not treated Bruce.

Dr. Shahar estimates that Bruce’s bra size is probably a 38-40B right now.

“You can’t get to a C-cup from hormones alone,” he said. “There are limits to how much he can get.”

Bruce Jenner appears to be wearing a slimming Spanx body shaper – PHOTOS

September 22, 2014

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Bruce Jenner is too sexy for his shirt

February 11, 2014

“Girls, he’ll be a woman, now” say reports as KENDALL & KYLIE JENNER’s teen-age angst has nothing to do with their hormones – but Dad’s!

“Kylie and Kendall just don’t know what to think. It’s extremely confusing for them to grasp. There is just no denying Bruce’s recent physical changes, and he does look more feminine,” a source told RadarOnline.

“It’s been especially hard for 16-year-old Kylie because some of her friends have made jokes about Bruce’s looks. The ridicule aimed at Bruce’s looks on social media has also taken a toll on Kendall and Kylie. Kendall continues to spend time with her dad, while Kylie hasn’t been hanging out as much with Bruce, unless it’s for filming.”

While estranged wife Kris says Bruce is not undergoing a sex change, Bruce emerged on Monday afternoon with what appeared to be long luxurious hair plugs and a shiny new luster.

Yet Bruce’s sons with former wife Linda Thompson have been supportive of whatever the heck it is he’s doing.

Bruce Jenner sex-change rumors

January 31, 2014

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