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Dowery Deaths and Bride Burning

January 12, 2011

Dowery Deaths and Bride Burning

Bride Burning a fate worse than death for women!

October 27, 2008

The Burning Bride –  Injustices Committed  Against Indian Women                  Guest Author –  Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman  BELLA ONLINE . Imagine that you are a young bride, busy with tending the duties of your modest home in India, the scent of spices permeating the air.  It’s late afternoon, the warm sun hangs apricot in the sky. Suddenly, […]

Bride Burning: An unspeakable evil!

October 9, 2008

  A Matter Of  Extreme Cruelty: Bride Burning And Dowry Deaths In India by Partha Banerjee Injustice Studies Vol. 1 November 1997 The root cause of the problem behind dowry deaths is Hindu religious orthodoxy and its degenerate caste system that divides and re divides Hindus into innumerable classes, groups, subgroups and factions and provides […]

Bride Burning in India kills or maims thousands of women every year!

September 13, 2008

Are Our Sisters  And Daughters  For Sale? by Himendra Thakur INDIA TOGETHER September 13th, 2008 Doesn’t the love of one’s country include love for one’s countrymen?  Or is it merely a fashionable thing, patriotism merely to find pride in something but not to actually strive towards a better nation?  A country is her people. Years […]

Unthinkable crimes against women you MUST think about!

June 12, 2008

Five terrible atrocities  against women around the world   Terrible atrocities are committed against untold numbers of women around the world every day and for most of these women, justice will never be served. This is a list of the worst of the atrocities. (PRAVDA) 5. Honor Killing Honor Killing is a punitive murder, committed […]