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Doctor Michael Savage guest on The Alex Jones Show

February 27, 2013

Radio talk show host and author Michael Savage was the guest on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show. Savage and Alex analyze China’s economic takeover of America, the federal attack on the Second Amendment and the ongoing effort to destroy the Constitution, and the ever-encroaching surveillance and police state as the global elite tighten their grip on humanity and the Supreme Court throws out a challenge to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Mr. Savage’s latest book is A Time for War.

Doctor Michael Savage conquers in court

September 28, 2012

Doctor Michael Savage wins giant legal battle against radio syndicator

Michael Savage monologue from September 11, 2001

September 11, 2011

Doctor Michael Savage monologue from September 11 2001

“America has been hoodwinked!” Doc Savage

August 3, 2011

“Any cook should be able to run the country” – vladimir lenin

Doctor Michael Savage Explains Egypt And He’s Right

February 4, 2011

Michael Savage explains the Egypt Mess

Doc Savage ignored by media

November 29, 2010


The Dumb Masses Voted Wrong

November 2, 2010

The Dumb Masses Voted Wrong

Laura Ingraham dares have blacklisted Michael Savage on her show!

October 6, 2010

. . Doctor Michael Savage was on the Laura Ingarham radio show October 6th, 2010. Did Laura not get the media memo? Doctor Michael Savage does not exist! Rush Limbaugh will not so much as mention the name of Michael Savage. Sean Hannity will not utter the name Savage. Even Glenn Beck will not dare stand […]

Doctor Michael Savage Playboy Interview

August 6, 2010

Doctor Michael Savage Playboy Interview

Doc Savage on Blacklist

July 12, 2010

Doctor Michael Savage on many Blacklists