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News Barbara Walters book titles leaked to 22MOON by gossip maven!

May 16, 2008

(Click headline to make photos and story appear) Barbara Walters next book titles have been leaked exclusively to 22MOON by fictional gossip monger ASHLEY JAMES HAMILTON, 60, author of the best selling book and newspaper column “LOOKING DOWN ON CULTURE”. _______________________________________   ADULTERATION: A MEMOIR.   How I slept my way to the top money […]

Homewrecker Barbara Walters is a serial adulterer!

May 15, 2008

Queen of Home Wreckers Barbara Walters not only had many sleazy affairs, she is bragging about them in her new smell all book, according to The National Enquirer. . “Barbara sexual revelations make Paris Hilton look like a saint!” said a publishing source who had read Barbara’s book “Audition: A Memoir”. . Hot Panties Barbara […]