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Time Magazine flip flops on Global Warming

January 8, 2014

Bryan Walsh, a senior editor at Time Magazine, engaged in a series of half-truths and anti-science speculation Monday to blame the cold temperatures hitting much of the country this week on man-made Global Warming. Apparently, temperatures reverting back to pre-Climate Change hysteria norms is proof of Climate Change, or something.
The only problem with Walsh’s attempt to further his hoax is that science disagrees with his phony claim that this cold snap has anything to do with Climate Change, Global Warming, or whatever these Truthers are calling it this week.
If you want a real laugh, the infamous Polar Vortex Walsh is blaming on Global Warming today is the same infamous Polar Vortex Time Magazine blamed on Global Cooling in 1974.
Walsh’s deception gets especially oily when he laments the “Sea ice is vanishing from the Arctic thanks to climate change.” Why doesn’t Walsh inform his readers that in the Antarctic ice has hit record levels? Maybe because it is an inconvenient truth.

Al Gore praises King Obama’s Climate Change diatribe

June 27, 2013

Former Vice President Al Gore gushed over President Barack Obama’s climate change speech on Tuesday, saying the “historic” and “terrific” speech was “by far the best address on climate by any president ever.”


March 31, 2013

It’s a perennial favorite of scammers to claim we face pending doom that can be averted only if we quickly send them more money or do what they want us to. From The Music Man’s “Ya Got Trouble” to the emails purporting to be from family members who’ve been robbed or imprisoned overseas, the game is a constant money maker for the con men who employ it.
Count President Obama as one of the masters of the art of diverting attention from facts, crying doom and grabbing yet more money from our pockets to enrich his buddies, increase his power and further impoverish us.
Two stories along this line caught my attention this week. First there was this Bloomberg news report:
President Barack Obama is preparing to tell all federal agencies for the first time that they should consider the impact on global warming before approving major projects, from pipelines to highways

Global Warming/Climate Change scam an excuse for more taxes

March 6, 2013

The manipulation behind Study of Ice Age Bolsters Carbon and Warming Link by Justin Gillis, New York Times, March 1, 2013
A NY Times science story (by Justin Gillis, March 1) illustrates some interesting points about science journalism – esp. in the contentious and politically charged issue of climate change. A scientific journal, in this case the renowned Science magazine, wants to gain publicity for its journal among the non-scientific readers of the NY Times. So it sends out a press release about a scientific paper it plans to publish. Of course, it has been ‘peer-reviewed’ to the satisfaction of the Science editor, but it has not yet been vetted by the scientific community.

Al Gore Potty Mouth Rant over human’s fault for Climate Change/Global Warming

August 21, 2011

Al Gore losing his mind talking about global climate disruption/climate change/global warming

Carbon Tax Mafia making an offer you can’t refuse

May 30, 2011

global warming myth excuse for international tax

Cate Blanchett misled by the Carbon Tax Mafia

May 29, 2011

Cate Blanchett misled by the Carbon Tax Mafia

Al Gore’s divorce caused by harpy wife Tipper

June 14, 2010

Al Gore divorce caused by harpy wife Tipper

Phil Jones Lied – 3 People Died Over Climate Change Hysteria

March 2, 2010

Professor Phil Jones helped promote Climate Change Hysteria

Climate Change Fear Mongers Cause Three Dead, Baby Wounded!

March 2, 2010

Global Warming Fear Mongers cause Three Dead, Baby Wounded