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Linda Hamilton returns to help emasculate the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise

August 2, 2018

She portrayed the damsel in distress turned wanted fugitive in the classic science-fiction franchise.

And Linda Hamilton is set to reprise her role as Sarah Connor as the first images of the Terminator reboot were released on Tuesday.

Politically Correct ‘Solo’ – Box office bomb crashing

May 26, 2018

Before we go any further, let’s dispel with The Nonsense. Solo is not collapsing at this weekend’s domestic and international box office over some exotic disease known as Star Wars Fatigue. The idea that the American public is tired of Star Wars because The Last Jedi was released only five months ago, is a heaping-helping of anti-science rubbish.

Ready Player One: Another exercise in toxic Metrosexuality

March 30, 2018

‘Ready Player One’ Review: A Dumb, Shallow Exercise in Toxic Metrosexuality

‘The Last Jedi’ director whines because many fans didn’t like the Political Correctness overkill

February 20, 2018

J.J. Abrams has a theory about why some critics of Star Wars: The Last Jedi disliked the film so intensely.
In an interview with IndieWire this week, the director of The Force Awakens and the upcoming, still-untitled Episode IX said viewers who criticized the film’s inclusion of more female characters and stories felt “threatened” by the changes.

Star Wars – The Last Jedi: Politically Correct propaganda ruins the fun

December 22, 2017

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