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Swordsman of Cybersex Anthony Weiner released from Halfway House

May 20, 2019

Sexual Predator Anthony Weiner Released From Halfway House

Swordsman of Cybersex Anthony Weiner released from prison

February 18, 2019

Remove term: Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and placed in a residential re-entry facility Disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner has been released from prison and placed in a residential re-entry facility

Anthony Weiner “Catfished” by young Republican male

August 17, 2016

Disgraced former Congressman and Democratic rising star, Anthony Weiner, seems to be crying out for attention as details of yet another sexting scandal have emerged.

‘Weinergate’ – Swordsman of Cyber Sex rises again

August 15, 2016

. . . . . . . .

Anthony Weiner’s former sexting sycophant Sidney Leathers claims Carlos Danger rides again

August 12, 2016

Is Carlos Danger at it again, potentially short-circuiting the Clinton campaign?

Sydney Leathers, the woman who imploded Anthony Weiner’s 2013 campaign by revealing he was sexting her under the name “Carlos Danger,” told Page Six late Wednesday afternoon that Mr. Huma Abedin is doing the same kind of thing again with a new virtual object of his affections.

Weiner suffers election disfunction

September 12, 2013

Anthony Weiner came in at single digits in the New York City mayoral race on Tuesday night. It was a wild ride to the bottom and here’s POLITICO’s look at Weiner’s craziest campaign moments:

Carlos Danger berated by woman at campaign event

August 7, 2013


Tony Weiner theme song

August 6, 2013

Anthony Weiner Theme Song

The truth about the Pervert Politician and the Psycho Sycophant

August 5, 2013

Ex-BF tells ALL about SYDNEY LEATHERS, Anthony Weiner’s text-for-play sex toy.

DISGRACED politician Anthony Weiner picked a real doozy of a woman to engage in a perverse “sexting” relationship as her former boyfriend labels her a bona fide nutcase!

“She’s crazy – she’s psychotic!” blasts Drew Hanley about 23-year-old sexpot Sydney Leathers, who struck a crippling blow to Weiner’s bid to become New York’s next mayor by releasing obscene photos the ex- Congressman had sent her.

In a bombshell, exclusive ENQUIRER interview, Hanley – who dated Leathers in late 2007 and early 2008 – says she was a spiteful, cocaine-snorting madwoman.

Anthony Weiner’s cyber sex sycophant Sidney Leathers – “She’s crazy – she’s psychotic”

August 2, 2013

ANTHONY WEINER’s campaign to become the next mayor of New York City took a nosedive when new “sexting” photos of him hit the Internet – and in a shocking exclusive The ENQUIRER reveals that the 23-year-old sexpot who released the pictures is as nutty as Weiner!

“She’s crazy – she’s psychotic,” blasted Drew Hanley about his ex-girlfriend Sydney Leathers. “She nearly ruined my life.

“Weiner showed shocking judgment by sending X-rated messages to this woman. He’s a disgrace to America.”

Weiner, who was forced to resign from Congress after a previous sexting scandal, immediately became a laughingstock as he plummeted from top slot in the election polls despite the ongoing support from his wife, former Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

But his fall from grace at the hands of Sydney was no surprise to Hanley.