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Johnny Depp holds Amber Heard’s hand at Stones gig

May 1, 2013

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Johnny Depp buys lust nest to share with Amber Heard

December 8, 2012

JOHNNY DEPP has proved how serious he is about new girlfriend AMBER HEARD – by splashing out £10million on a mansion for them.
Even though the star has four homes in LA, the pair want a fresh start somewhere with a lot of space so he picked Tennessee.

A source said: “Buying this house is the surest sign yet of how serious Johnny is about Amber.

“She’s always dreamt of having a ranch. They were going to buy one in Texas, where she’s from, but they fell in love with the Nashville property as soon as they set eyes on it.

“Johnny isn’t bothered about living it up in Hollywood, he’d rather have the good life. While Amber loves to ride horses, Johnny’s serious about writing and playing music.”

With 19 rooms to mess about in, it’ll be perfect for when Johnny’s music mates drop by.