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Severe spike in Border Jumper sex offenders sneaking into the U.S.

March 14, 2015

The Border Patrol is reporting a severe spike in sex offenders sneaking into the U.S.


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According to the feds, illegal immigrant sex offenders have been caught in every corner of the Rio Grande Valley.

Border Patrol agents are running into more sex offenders this year than last year.

Within the last five months, 144 apprehended.

During the same time last year, 93 sex offenders were caught trying to fly under the radar.

In December, a woman from El Salvador was picked up, who was convicted of child sex assault back in 2009. It reportedly happened in Dallas County.

Later that month, three Mexican nationals were caught near Harlingen.

In February, seven sex offenders were rounded up near McAllen, Harlingen, Falfurrias and Kingsville.

Less than a week later, another two Mexican nationals were caught. Two days ago, two Guatemalan men were arrested.

The sex offenders go to great lengths to avoid capture. Agents said they often travel through South Texas brush and try to blend in with large groups of illegal immigrants.

Border Patrol agents are using sophisticated software that search criminal databases worldwide. They have strengthened their biometric technology, which scans fingerprints, scans retinas, and has facial recognition.