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Vaccinated children have 2 to 5 times more childhood diseases, illnesses and allergies than unvaccinated children

June 7, 2014

Suspicions have been confirmed for those wary of vaccinating their children. A recent large study corroborates other independent study surveys comparing unvaccinated children to vaccinated children.

They all show that vaccinated children have two to five times more childhood diseases, illnesses, and allergies than unvaccinated children.

Originally, the recent still ongoing study compared unvaccinated children against a German national health survey conducted by KiGGS involving over 17,000 children up to age 19. This currently ongoing survey study was initiated by classical homoeopathist Andreas Bachmair.

However, the American connection for Bachmair’s study can be found at VaccineInjury.info website that has added a link for parents of vaccinated children to participate in the study. So far this ongoing survey has well over 11,000 respondents, mostly from the U.S.A. Other studies have surveyed smaller groups of families.

Nevertheless, the results were similar. Of course, none of these studies were picked up by the MSM (mainstream media). None were funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the World Health Organization (WHO) or any national or international health agency or medical profession group (healthimpactnews.com).

They don’t dare compare the health of unvaccinated children to vaccinated children objectively and risk disrupting their vaxmania (vaccination mania). The focus for all the studies was mostly on childhood illnesses occurring as the children matured.

How flu remedies help the virus breed faster

January 22, 2014

Cold and flu remedies may make you feel better but your friends and colleagues won’t thank you for taking them.

Scientists say that while aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofen make the person taking them feel better by lowering their temperature, they may also make the bug easier to spread.

As a result, more people will catch it.

The Canadian researchers calculated that tablets taken to ease the sweats and chills of flu are to blame for at least one in 20 cases of the illness – and many deaths.

They say that rather than taking pills to lower their temperature, people with flu should stay at home, get plenty of rest and have some hearty soup.

However, British experts questioned their sums.

The researchers, from McMaster University in Ontario, first gathered together studies on the biology of flu.

This included one which showed that ferrets release more of the flu virus and are infectious for longer after being given drugs to lower their temperature.

It is thought that the high temperature of a fever triggers the immune system into fighting the infection.

Without it, the amount of the flu virus in coughs and sneezes increases, making it easier for the bug to spread.

Although ferrets may seem an odd choice of animal to study, their flu symptoms are most similar to those in people.

The researchers then added in figures on use of paracetamol and other drugs to estimate how much they affect the spread of flu.

Before you get that flu shot…

December 8, 2013

Doctor Michael Savage on flu – Not everything government says is true
The verdict is out on flu shots. Many medical experts now agree it is more important to protect yourself and your family from the flu vaccine than the flu itself. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this verdict

Vaccines a total hoax

January 9, 2013

(NaturalNews) If you have children, you are more than likely already aware of the official U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “Immunization Schedules,” which today recommend an astounding 29 vaccines be given between birth and six years of age, including yearly flu shots, as well as another five to 16 vaccines between ages seven and 18 (http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/). But a recent investigative report compiled by Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, Ph.D., uncovers more than 30 years of hidden government documents exposing these vaccine schedules as a complete hoax, not to mention the fraud of the vaccines themselves to provide any real protection against disease.