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Silent Running – What Happens Next – X22 Report

January 15, 2021

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Trump ready to pull the Trump Card on The Deep State steal

January 8, 2021

Deep State have trapped themselves – VIDEO

September 8, 2020

This Is Coming (Mainstream Media, Democrats will be exposed) – X22 Report

August 31, 2020

They Don’t Want You To Know – X22 Report VIDEO

August 16, 2020

Almost Like They Knew – X22 Report VIDEO

August 11, 2020

The People Need To See, Learn The Truth – X22 Report VIDEO

June 28, 2020

Christopher Steele deleted his computer files on January 25th 2017 – same day Obama had his ‘by the book’ meeting

Do You See What Is Happening – Message Sent, Message Received

June 10, 2020

Trump’s Economic Strategy Is Not What The Deep State Was Expecting – VIDEO

May 23, 2020

The Economic Strategy Is Not What The Deep State – Mainstream Media Were Expecting – VIDEO

Knock, Knock, Time To Wake Up – X-22 Report VIDEO

May 9, 2020

The [DS]/MSM and those elected Gov’s are showing their true colors, the people are waking up, they are realizing that the people they elected are trying to take away their rights, we are watching the great awakening.