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Deep State Already Knows They Lost – VIDEO

September 4, 2020

Everything is About to Change – X22 report VIDEO

August 26, 2020

Another Piece For The Storm – X22 Report VIDEO

August 19, 2020

New World Order minions are in a panic behind the scenes

They are coming for you, not me – X22 Report VIDEO

August 16, 2020

No One Is That Stupid – X22 Report VIDEO

August 13, 2020

We’ve known it was coming – X22 report VIDEO

August 5, 2020

Deep State and Fake News media will be exposed inflating Whuan Virus death toll and case numbers

What’s The Problem – X22 Report VIDEO

August 3, 2020

What’s the problem – X-22 Report VIDEO

Trump ready to take down Deep State – X22 report VIDEO

March 29, 2020

Trump and his patriots have defeated Deep State – Deep State in the dark – Trump in the light – X22 Report VIDEO