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CNN claim: Russian anti-Hillary Clinton video game influenced 2016 election

March 13, 2018

Dedicating over 1,600 words to the cartoon flash game Hilltendo, which lets you play as Clinton riding a bomb while she destroys emails, CNN claimed the game was part of a Russian effort to influence the 2016 presidential election, prompting mockery from Russian news outlets and Twitter users alike.

Video game Bundesfighter II lambasts Sunday’s German election

September 23, 2017

The satirical video game Bundesfighter II Turbo is based on Sunday’s German national election and features main party candidates fighting each other with unique special moves like a “migrant wave” for German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Far Cry 5: White Christian extremists the real terror threat – VIDEO

May 27, 2017

A graphic for the latest installment of the video game series Far Cry indicates white Christian Americans from Montana will be the antagonists.

‘Ghost In The Shell’ movie trailer

February 4, 2017

GHOST IN THE SHELL Super Bowl Spot Trailer (2017) Scarlett Johansson Action Movie HD VIDEO


January 21, 2017

TRASHY MOVIE SATURDAY NIGHT – ‘Resident Evil one game movie’ – ‘Resident Evil 2’ – ‘Resident Evil 3’ – ‘Resident Evil 4’ – ‘Resident Evil 5’ – ‘Resident Evil 6’ – ‘Resident Evil: Revelations’ – ‘Silent Hill’

Resident Evil revealed – VIDEO

January 21, 2017

RESIDENT EVIL (Honest Game Trailers) – VIDEO

Big Brother’s Little Helper ‘Pokémon Go’ updated

December 27, 2016

The new Pokémon Go update has finally arrived, bringing with it some new critters to collect along with a festive makeover for its most iconic creature.

A new bunch of Pokémon are making their way to the game, starting with Pichu, Togepi and Magby – with others on their way. In order to nab them you’ll have to hatch them from eggs.

Super Mario Brothers video games condemned as Sexist by N.Y. Times

December 26, 2016

Chris Suellentrop, a former editor on the NYT’s op-ed page, took to that page Thursday to take on the burning issue of sexism in Super Mario Bros video games. The famous series is making its iPhone debut, but Suellentrop’s young daughter won’t be playing it, because of “Mario’s Not-So-Super Sexism.” He condemned its “stale, retrograde gender stereotypes.”

Video Games: Electronic escapism has never been more profitable

December 23, 2016

SuperData Research has broken down the numbers on a chaotic year for the gaming industry that has nevertheless proved indefatigable to the world’s fastest growing entertainment medium.

Nintendo Mini NES Classic Edition – get me one, Santa!

December 5, 2016