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The Walking Dead kills key character – NOOOOOOOO!

December 11, 2017

Fans of the Walking Dead are reacting to the show’s shocking mid-season finale.

After the show revealed Rick’s son Carl was bitten by a walker during Sunday’s episode, fans were beside themselves.

Ben Affleck accused of groping Negan’s future wife – VIDEO

October 11, 2017

‘I had to laugh so I wouldn’t cry’: Hilarie Burton claims Weinstein protegé Ben Affleck groped her breast on TRL in 2003 ‘when she was just a kid’

Should ‘The Walking Dead’ start their final season soon?

April 16, 2016

Remember when beloved TV shows didn’t know when to call it quits?

“Frasier” went on at least two seasons too long. So did “30 Rock,” Tina Fey’s signature showcase. And by the time “Two and a Half Men” ended the “half” was ready for college.

Other programs morph into far lesser vehicles, hoping to extend the original chemistry. Archie Bunker went from pop culture institution in “All in the Family” to the cranky guy doling out life lessons on “Archie Bunker’s Place.” The less said about “AfterMASH,” the better.

Return of The Walking Dead

February 12, 2016

. . . .

‘The Walking Dead’ Honest Trailer

October 2, 2015

Honest Trailers – The Walking Dead – VIDEO

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ premiere sprinkled with N.W.O. propaganda

August 30, 2015

Rob Dew takes a close look at some of the propaganda imbedded in the Walking Dead spinoff Fear the Walking Dead.

‘The Walking Dead’ companion series casts a male lead actor

December 5, 2014

AMC’s The Walking Dead companion series has found its version of Rick Grimes.

‘Walking Dead’ Boss Defends the Group’s “Tragic” Loss, Previews What’s Ahead

It’s Official: ‘Walking Dead’ Companion Series Nabs Pilot Order

‘Walking Dead’ Cast, Creators Pitch Their Spinoff Ideas: Space Dragons!

‘Walking Dead’ Companion Series in the Works at AMC
Gang Related alum Cliff Curtis has nabbed the starring role in the new pilot from Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
The untitled companion series, currently a pilot but considered a shoo-in for a series order, explores the outset of the same zombie apocalypse as AMC’s flagship show but takes place at a different location.
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Curtis will topline the drama and portray Sean Cabrera, a teacher who shares a son with his ex-wife, Andrea. The character is described as a good man trying to do right by everyone in his life.

‘Walking Dead’ shocking death rocks the Blogosphere

December 1, 2014

The death toll on AMC’s The Walking Dead continued to rise during Sunday’s season-five midseason finale.
After spending the first half of the season held hostage at Grady Memorial Hospital — and following an escape attempt gone awry — Beth (series regular Emily Kinney), the Greene family’s youngest, ultimately sacrificed her life to save her friend Noah (Tyler James Williams). (Following the fifth-season premiere, THR put the likelihood that Beth would die this season at 60 percent.)
During the battle to save Beth and Carol (Melissa McBride), the deadly showdown also cost the hospital’s de-facto leader Dawn (Christine Woods) her life. Here’s how it panned out:
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After escaping last week, Officer Bob (Maximiliano Hernandez) flees to warn Dawn of the group’s incoming rescue mission, but Rick (Andrew Lincoln) winds up hitting him with a police car and ultimately shooting him — muttering the same words that Gareth (Andrew J. West) told Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s Bob Stookey at Terminus: “You can’t go back, Bob.”

‘The Walking Dead’ season 5 premiere was killer – link to the entire episode here

October 13, 2014

Is it OK to cry during a zombie show?

It’s weak, I know. But how was I expected to react during a sweet reunion and a gooey moment where a father got to hold his previously missing baby daughter?

The two scenes that came at the end of this season premiere — both detailed below — are the kinds of moment that breathe life into a show about death. Mixing the two is a fine art, as you run the risk of displeasing the core group of fans, who love the action and horror. But this episode balanced it all not just well but expertly.

Also, we sort of earned those two heartwarming episode codas, considering what we had to witness in order to get there…