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Real Housewives of New Jersey horndog hubby Joe Giudice to be deported

October 11, 2018

Teresa Giudice’s husband Joe of RHONJ ordered to be DEPORTED to Italy after he serves out three year prison sentence… but she ‘will stay in US for the kids’

Teresa Guidice betrayed behind bars as Horndog Hubby double dated

February 9, 2016

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RHONJ star Teresa Giudice is now inmate # 65703-050

January 26, 2015

Book – Teresa is writing a book behind bars. “Teresa believes a book about how she coped with being in prison, and the obstacles she faced, would be a huge hit,” an insider told Radar. “Having already published several cookbooks, Teresa is touting this as a memoir that anyone could relate to.

Teresa Giudice goes directly to Jail – does not collect $200 dollars

January 5, 2015

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice began her 15-month sentence at Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut today, surrendering around 3am this morning—7 hours ahead of schedule. “She was ready,” said her lawyer.

Via E! Online:

The married mother of four, who rose to fame via Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2009, left her Montville Township mansion shortly after midnight in the back seat of a black SUV driven by her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr…”Teresa is a very strong woman. She won’t have any problems in there.” According to Leonard, Teresa’s early surrender was negotiated with prison officials over several phone calls on New Year’s Eve. “When we arrived at Danbury, everyone we encountered was extremely courteous and respectful,” he shared.

Will Teresa Giudice’s prison nickname be ‘Crazy Eyes’?

January 4, 2015

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice headed to the slammer reeling from the cruelest betrayal yet by her cheating husband – he plans to divorce her while she’s behind bars!

Teresa, 42, received word “Juicy Joe” was “going to dump her” as soon as she began serving her 15-month jail sentence on Jan. 5, sources close to the couple exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

“Teresa’s last Christmas with the kids before jail was further destroyed when she found out about Joe’s evil plan,” a source said.

“She angrily took off her wedding ring and nearly broke down.”

An insider said the couple owe more than $13.5 million and were “sleeping in separate bedrooms” at their New Jersey mansion before her incarceration in a federal prison in Danbury, Conn.

“Joe plans on filing for divorce as soon as Teresa goes to prison. He feels it will be the perfect time because she’ll be limited in what she can do from behind bars, and that will give him the advantage,” confirmed the insider. “As shocking as it is to believe, Joe blames Teresa for all their legal problems and wants to get on with his life.”

Joe Guidice plans to divorce Teresa while she’s in prison

December 13, 2014

“Real Felons of New Jersey” Teresa & Joe Giudice’s marriage crumbles amid reports of cheating and alcohol abuse. AND Joes the one that’s getting ready to file for divorce!

According to an insider, Joe has finally had enough of his wife’s diva demands. Not only has he already hired an attorney, the source claimed, he’s planning to file for divorce from the mother of four — once she begins her prison sentence in January. But even after a friend told Teresa about Joe’s plans, “She simply shrugged it off!” the source said.

“She is absolutely living in denial about going to prison, so Teresa doesn’t think Joe would ever leave her, or file for divorce.”

“Joe always felt pressure from Teresa to have the biggest house, best clothes, and luxurious vacations,” the source continued.

Joe Giudice spending time with a bottle instead of Teresa

November 6, 2014

“Teresa might be putting on a united front with Joe publicly, but it’s all a sham,” one insider dished to the site, adding that Joe spends most of his time at the bar, and never invites Teresa to go with him. Instead, “He is most often alone, or with one or two guy friends. Teresa is never with him. He just likes to hang out and watch football games, or just shoot the sh*t,” the source went on to explain. Rumor also has it that Teresa has plans on filing for divorce once her time in the slammer is done.

The most hated couple in America

April 22, 2014

DON’T expect to see TERESA GIUDICE back on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” when she gets out of jail!

Bankruptcy documents have revealed the TV reality star and hubby Joe are deadbeats who stiffed creditors out of millions, and now fans have turned against them!

“America has seen there’s noth­ing ‘real’ about the Giudices, and Teresa had better pray for a miracle if she’s hoping to come back to TV,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

Teresa, 41, and Joe, 43, flaunted their lavish lifestyle for years on the popular Bravo series. But recently released bankruptcy papers show they owed more than $13.5 million – and paid back a measly $7,500!

According to the documents, the couple has just $140,000 in equity in their $1.7 million home, and no equity at all in their car collection, which includes a Maserati worth at least $100,000, plus a Cadillac Escalade and a Ford 350 truck.

The couple also spent freely on expensive toys, including a $40,000 Sea-Doo boat, a $10,000 Kawasaki quad and two go-carts.

Thumbing their noses at creditors even further, the Giudices brazenly valued their dogs at $600!

After the documents were released, the “New York Daily News” blasted their lavish lifestyle as being “built on a massive lie,” while bloggers branded them “deadbeats” and “slimeballs”!

Teresa/Joe Giudice may be forced to pay back $7,500 of the $13 million they spent

April 11, 2014

Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are both facing possible jail time after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud charges, but a source close to the reality couple has told RadarOnline.com that they’re still living their lavish lifestyle in “denial.”