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National Basketball Association: MILLIONS MORE MATTER

August 1, 2020

WTF: NBA Exposed for Running Youth Camps in China Where Kids are Savagely Beaten

Senator Ted Cruz Goes Beastmode on the Bidens

January 28, 2020

Senator Ted Cruz went at it with reporters today when they tried their best to keep him from explaining to the cameras why this impeachment trial should be all about the Biden corruption. Notice how the reporters repeatedly try and stop Cruz from talking about the Bidens.

Ted Cruz idea would build the Wall el cheapo

February 13, 2019

Ted Cruz used the conviction of Mexican drug lord El Chapo on Tuesday to promote his proposal for taking the profits from his drug business

Cry Babies blame Beyoncé for Beto losing to Ted Cruz

November 8, 2018

Beyoncé, donning a “Beto for Senate” baseball hat, urged her millions of fans to support the far-left candidate with just hours remaining until polls closed

Ted Cruz for Vice President

February 24, 2016

But there is just this one last fact. Seldom does a conservative, in battle with a political and legal liberal, or as distinguished a litigator as Alan Dershowitz, win both the argument and a compliment. Usually, the reverse occurs, at least in the modern world. The victor is reviled and faces endless recriminations, complaints and allegations of this and that. But to the credit of the liberal Harvard professor, he paid young Ted Cruz perhaps the highest compliment he could muster. Asked by the National Review what Dershowitz thought of the young conservative — now with a chance to become America’s level-headed president — the esteemed litigator just this: “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant.”

Ted Cruz outs Liberal CNBC debate hosts

October 29, 2015

Ted Cruz eviscerated the CNBC moderators early in Wednesday night’s Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

The Texas senator was asked about his opposition to a proposed deal that would raise the debt limit and authorize higher spending. It also would prevent a shutdown of government operations.

Instead of answering the question, he used his time to attack the moderators for the questions they had asked other candidates up to that point.