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Taki talks to Talents during dinner on mainstreaming Barbarism and brutality

December 7, 2019

Prince Andrew trounced by Taki

November 30, 2019

War of the Elites against People who support The Donald

October 19, 2019

Trump knew a thing or two when he pledged to drain the swamp. He knew the CIA and the FBI included elements that would be out to get him. When the British spook Christopher Steele compiled the bogus Russian allegations at the behest of the Democrats, the media went wild. Trump was in Putin’s pocket, they screamed. Steele’s bogus findings were called the gold standard of intelligence and Trump was declared dead. Once they were totally debunked…silence.

Manners a bridge too far for the Dumb Masses molded by modern Media

January 5, 2019

Natural good manners are putting other people before yourself without thinking about it

Replace the outdated Oscars: Time for The Harveys

December 9, 2017

Everyone around these parts—except for people who are wellborn—seems to be doing a mea culpa nowadays. Harvey Weinstein got the ball rolling, and some moron who used to edit The New Republic has just written a self-flagellating meditation pouring ashes on his own dumb head for being white and well educated and having enjoyed “unearned privileges” that served to exclude others. Nurse, please, this is a real emergency