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Sofia Vergara shows off in pink bikini – Part THREE of THREE

August 4, 2021

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Sofia Vergara shows off in pink bikini – Part TWO of THREE

August 3, 2021

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Sofia Vergara shows off in pink bikini – Part ONE of THREE

August 2, 2021

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“Hot Pursuit” horribly conceived and acted

May 8, 2015

For a comedy to succeed, first and foremost, you have to buy into the characters and the situations. This is especially true for broad comedies. As inept and unrealistic as Inspector Clouseau and Lou Costello were, the craftsmanship of the filmmaking and the talent of the actors allowed you to buy into that world.

Other than some of the worst comedy dialogue ever, that is the real problem with “Hot Pursuit” — you just don’t buy it. Barney Fife loses her police radio. She and Charo are on the run for their lives and need help. Then, oops!, Charo accidentally loses the iPhone out the speeding car window.

Bicker. Bicker. Bicker.

Cheap-looking action scene involving desperate slapstick.

Bicker. Bicker. Bicker.

Handcuff time.

Bicker. Bicker. Bicker.

Charo hates Sofia Vergara’s fake Latin accent

October 19, 2013

THERE’s a red-hot war of words erupting between sexy “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara and original Latin bombshell Charo.

The Spanish spitfire recently slammed Sofia, blasting her performance on the Emmy-winning show, calling her a phony, a Lucille Ball wannabe and “Charo with diarrhea”!

“Charo says that many people in Spanish-speaking countries think Sofia’s annoying accent is not only obviously fake, but it’s insulting and degrading,” said a source. “She later explained that she was only saying out loud what everyone in Latin America has been thinking.

“Meanwhike, Sofia says Charo needs to get a life and stop being so jealous of other Latinas who have successful careers.”

Charo, 62, is an accomplished actress and musician who’s perhaps best-known for her sexy wiggle, her “cuchi-cuchi” catchphrase, and her appearances on “The Love Boat.” Ironically, Sofia, 41, grew up watching Charo on TV and was a big fan – but that didn’t stop her from responding to the verbal attack.

“Of course she doesn’t like it,” said Sofia, who plays Gloria Delgado-Pritchett on the hit ABC sitcom. “No one likes being compared with someone else, especially someone younger.”

Despite the feud, Sofia has high hopes that they’ll be able to put it behind them.

“She has been telling friends that she forgives Charo and hopes that the feeling is mutual,” added the source. “In fact, she thinks it would be a blast if the ‘Modern Family’ producers cast Charo as one of her wacky Colombian relatives on the show – an elderly family member, of course!”

Sofia Vergara fires assault weapon breasts in ‘Machete Kills’ movie

March 8, 2013

SOFIA Vergara’S boobs have made her a household name.
But who knew they were deadly weapons?

The 40-year-old actress fires bullets from her legendary assets on a new tongue-in-cheek poster for action sequel Machete Kills.

On the vintage B-movie style ad, the stunning Colombian snarls as she unleashes a hail of gunfire from a double barrelled machine gun bra – while clad in leather.

The Modern Family actress plays Madame Desdemona – the leader of a band of Mexican harlots – in the film, the follow-up to Robert Rodriguez’S 2010 hit Machete.

Vergara joins original cast members Jessica Alba, Michelle Rodriquez and Danny Trejo as well as a supporting line-up including Mel Gibson, Amber Heard, Charlie Sheen and Alex Vegas plus Lady Gaga in her first-ever film role.

Machete Kills hits cinemas in September.

Sofia Vergara’s left boob popped out during a nightclub scuffle

January 5, 2013

.Her New Year’s Eve celebrations ended in some disarray when she and her fiancé Nick Loeb became embroiled in a scuffle at a Miami club.

And Modern Family star Sofia Vergara suffered even more embarrassment when she accidentally exposed her cleavage during the melee.

A new photograph shows the star being helped up from the ground, while her breast slips out of her plunging leather top.

Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara bi-sexual lovers in ‘Fading Gigolo’

December 3, 2012

SOFIA Vergara’s breasts spill out of a tiny lacy bra as she strips off for a lesbian romp with Sharon Stone.
The candid snaps were taken on the New York set of the pair’s new film Fading Gigolo.

Sofia, 40, and Sharon, 54, play bisexual lovers in the sexually-charged indie comedy.

And the Modern Family star is certain to set temperatures rising if this sneak preview is anything to go by.

In one photo she’s shown deep in conversation with her co-star, her boobs bursting out her tiny black bustier.

In another she can be seen adjusting her skimpy undies as her long brunette locks tumble down.

Julie Bowen’s nipple slip trumped by Sophia Vergara’s ‘accidental’ wardrobe malfunction

October 8, 2012

I bow to no man in my adoration of “Modern Family” pixie JULIE BOWEN, but mentioning her “nipple covers” a titillating THREE TIMES during her Best Supporting Actress Emmy speech turned out to be a complete…er, bust!

Curvaceous co-star/co-nominee SOFIA VERGARA upstaged Julie with an “accidental” wardrobe malfunction that unzipped the rear of her curve-hugging gown, exposing her… golden globes!

Hollywood spin says vivacious Vergara staged that headline-making stunt to steal Julie’s spotlight.

“Sofia’s an absolute genius at publicity,” a veteran Hollywood media exec told me.

“The spin around town is that it was no accident. Julie won the Emmy, but Sofia ended up the star of the night!”

Sofia Vergara at the Emmys: Wardrobe Malfunction or ‘Kardashian’ media magnet?

September 27, 2012

Sofia Vergara hot sexy Wardrobe Malfunction at the Emmys photos