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Pelosi Caught on Camera Practicing Tearing Up Trump’s Speech – VIDEO

February 6, 2020

Mike Pence accused Nancy Pelosi of planning to rip up the president’s State of the Union speech all along, an accusation the speaker’s office denied.

But a canny observer caught what appears to be the Speaker actually practicing the moves under the table before the speech was over.

Video Superimposes Players In Trump Impeachment Sham Over Animal House Actors

January 26, 2020

“Mad Liberals” just released a hilarious video where the heads Trump impeachment sham players are superimposed over Animal House actors.

Shepard Smith walks away from Fox News

October 12, 2019

For years, Smith’s visible leftward bias both on air and in a number of mainstream articles about him had driven conservative viewers of Fox crazy as he stood out as increasingly opinionated amidst a field of more objective news personnel. Smith’s habit of wearing his opinions on his sleeve during what were billed as news broadcasts also put him increasingly at odds with the channel’s ratings leaders, who are its unapologetic conservative prime time opinion show hosts.

Trump Jr. calls ‘Adam Schiff ‘The Jussie Smollett Of Congress’

October 4, 2019

Donald Trump Jr. said Wednesday that House Judiciary Chairman Adam Schiff is “basically the Jussie Smollett of Congress on steroids.”

Trump Predicted “A Lot of Problems” for Bill Clinton with Epstein’s Orgy Island

July 8, 2019

Sean Hannity: Uh, Bill Clinton?

Donald Trump: Nice guy. Got a lot of problems coming up in my opinion with the famous island with Jeffrey Epstein. Lot of problems.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Capitalism in speech

April 7, 2019

Controversial Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed the American capitalistic model Thursday evening

James ‘Cry-Bully’ Comey whines through NBC interview

April 16, 2018

Conservative Twitter erupts after former FBI director says Trump “morally unfit” to be president

Sean Hannity says bombshell exposé on Hillary and Russia tonight on his show

October 17, 2017

A huge story on Hillary Clinton and the Russian collusion narrative, possibly connected to Wikileaks, is set to drop tonight

Hannity slams CNN: “They’ve jumped the Shark!”

June 29, 2017