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Beware the Joke Police of Sacha Baron Cohen

November 30, 2019

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Sacha Baron Cohen Unwittingly Exposed Elite Pedo Ring in Las Vegas

December 23, 2018

Showtime host Sacha Baron Cohen revealed Wednesday that he stumbled upon what he thought could be a possible pedophile ring while taping his controversial summer series “Who is America?”

Sacha Baron Cohen needs to take his ‘Pedophile Detecting Machine’ to Hollywood

July 30, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen confronted former Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore with a “pedophile detecting machine” in the latest episode of the comedian’s “Who Is America?” undercover project.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? tanked in the ratings

July 19, 2018

Borat actor Sacha Baron Cohen walked away with his tail between his legs when a stunt intended to fool a California gun store owner went awry.

The decline and fall of the comedy of Sasha Baron Cohen

July 16, 2018

Though Ali G was genius and Borat was brilliant, the subsequent offerings leading to Who Is America? intimate that the decline and fall of the comedy of Sasha Baron Cohen is almost complete with this pointless and tub-thumping exercise in ritual humiliation.

Nobby Butcher interview – VIDEO

March 2, 2016

There have been rumours Nobby’s look has been modelled on deadbeat OASIS singer Liam, who he inevitably described as a “top bloke” . . . for all the wrong reasons.

He said: “His story is truly inspirational — it shows young kids that it don’t matter if you come from a really rough background, it’s still possible for you to end up off yer t*ts most of the time and have multiple kids with different mothers.”

Ali G crashes the Oscars

February 29, 2016

He made a shock comeback as Ali G during the Academy Awards on Sunday evening.

But Sacha Baron Cohen has now admitted he was banned from appearing as his controversial alter-ego during the ceremony and was scheduled to present an award as himself.

The 44-year-old joker confessed he enlisted his wife Isla Fisher’s help to sneak his famous costume into the glittering event in order to keep his appearance a surprise.

Borat Sagdiyev claims Donald trump is a fictional character – VIDEO

December 10, 2015

Borat appears on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show to promote Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film. Cohen’s character from Kazakhstan says Donald Trump must be a fictional person, because nobody would try to ban all Muslims from the US unless they have a brain ‘the size of a female chicken’. Borat concludes that Trump must be another one of Cohen’s ‘offensive’ characters

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani not a fan of faboo flaming fashion

April 21, 2015

Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has a few choice words regarding men’s fashion.

The 80-year-old designer, who identifies himself as gay, told The Sunday Times Magazine recently that a man, regardless of his sexual preference, should always dress like a man.

“A homosexual man is a man 100 percent. He does not need to dress homosexual. When homosexuality is exhibited to the extreme- to say: ‘Ah, you know I’m homosexual,’ that has nothing to do with me. A man has to be a man,” he urged.

Sacha Baron Cohen to portray bisexual Freddie Mercury in movie

March 24, 2013

FUNNYMAN Sacha Baron Cohen is taking singing lessons for his movie role as Freddie Mercury.
Sacha is working with vocal coaches in Hollywood in a bid to copy the former Queen frontman.

Insiders on the biopic — due to be filmed later this year — say Sacha, 41, has not yet decided if his voice will feature in singing segments. But the Borat and Bruno star has been working hard to copy Freddie’s posh accent.