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Michelle Rodriguez victim of accidental nip slip in Tulum, Mexico – Part THREE of THREE

March 20, 2018

Michelle Rodríguez erótico chica foto galeria

Michelle Rodriguez victim of accidental nip slip in Tulum, Mexico – Part TWO of THREE

March 19, 2018

Michelle Rodriguez fell victim to the perils of skimpy swimwear as she suffered an accidental nip slip while braving the waves in Tulum Mexico

Michelle Rodriguez victim of accidental nip slip in Tulum, Mexico – Part ONE of THREE

March 17, 2018

Bikini-clad Michelle Rodriguez suffers an accidental nip slip – dailymail.co.uk

Fate Of The Furious: Stars more invulnerable than Homer Simpson – VIDEO

April 14, 2017

FAST & Furious is one of the biggest film franchises ever created – with the seventh movie raking in £1.2billion.

And bosses must clearly believe the best way to blow that total to smithereens is by making the eighth instalment into one of the most ridiculous action movies of all time.

Cara Delevingne faboo photos

September 28, 2016

Cara Delevingne muy atractivo provocativo fotos

Amber Heard Cara Delevingne needs a BFF

September 27, 2016

To deal with their heartbreak the ladies have been hitting the town – including an attempt at getting into a strip club – non stop together.

The Sun on Sunday revealed that Depp had long suspected Cara and Amber’s friendship was more than platonic and that had caused friction between the now former couple.

Our source said: “They have been seen at the hotel loads and are always very giggly and thick as thieves, out until the early hours.”

Looks like Cara might have found herself her latest wifey

Michelle Rodriguez fast and furious on a jet ski – PHOTOS

September 5, 2016

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Michelle Rodríguez muy atractivo provocativo fotos

January 14, 2016

She is often seen cutting a casual figure.

But Hollywood actress Michelle Rodriguez pulled out all the stops when she attended the UNICEF bash in LA’s Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Tuesday evening.

The 36 year-old star, who rose to fame in the Fast and Furious franchise, dazzled in her choice of attire, which deftly turned heads at the lavish fundraiser, which helped to raise over $2.5 million for the charity’s lifesaving programs.

‘Fast and Furious Seven’ review and trailer

April 4, 2015

One of the four-thousand trailers that ran prior to my “Furious 7″ screening Thursday night was for the upcoming James Bond entry “Spectre.” And what a bummer those 96 seconds are. In Daniel Craig’s fourth go-round, the world is still colorless, Bond is still working through his prissy emotional baggage, and the tone is one of oppressive brooding seriousness.

Nevertheless I don’t mourn the loss of a simpler and better era when a new Bond film promised a grand old escapist time at the movies. That, after all, is why God invented the “Fast and Furious” franchise.

The most improbable mega-franchise in movie history launches its seventh chapter this weekend, and it is everything James Bond films used to be: insanely action-packed, exotic locales, colorful cinematography, and a never ending supply of beautiful feminine eye candy.

“Furious 7″ picks up not long after the previous chapter. It also ends a trilogy that began with “Fast Five,” which is when the series morphed from the anti-hero car genre to the heist genre. “Furious 7″ comes straight out of the Men (and Women) On a Mission genre, and knocks it out of the park — not as far as the previous two installments, but far enough.


August 23, 2014