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Superhydrophobic coating may use the loo on you

July 26, 2015

Public urination has become such a massive issue in some cities that people are resorting to tech for solving the problem in a creative way.

A special liquid-repellent paint has been used to coat walls in San Francisco, after a similar experiment was rolled out in Hamburg, Germany.

This is a tweet that the San Francisco Public Works, a group that aims to enhance the quality of life in the city, posted showing how this works:

‘Ted 2’ movie scorches Political Correctness

June 29, 2015

Since the childhood wish of his best friend John (Mark Wahlberg) brought him to glorious life decades ago, Ted (a three-foot tall stuffed teddy bear voiced by Seth MacFarlane) has gone about the business of living the life of a slacker, whose only ambition is to get high while cracking wise during “Law & Order” marathons. By extension, this uneventful life has avoided the snare of the United States government.

That ends when Ted decides to grow up, if only just a little bit.