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Wasteland Weekend: 4,000 Mad Max fans gather in the California desert

October 1, 2019

. . . . . .

Linda Hamilton returns to help emasculate the ‘Terminator’ movie franchise

August 2, 2018

She portrayed the damsel in distress turned wanted fugitive in the classic science-fiction franchise.

And Linda Hamilton is set to reprise her role as Sarah Connor as the first images of the Terminator reboot were released on Tuesday.

Ready Player One: Another exercise in toxic Metrosexuality

March 30, 2018

‘Ready Player One’ Review: A Dumb, Shallow Exercise in Toxic Metrosexuality

Mad Maxine: The Maxine Waters Movie – VIDEO

June 3, 2017

Artist Sabo posts ‘Impeach Maxine Waters’ street art

May 14, 2017

Not-so-friendly street art greeted California Congresswoman Maxine Waters to a Inglewood town hall meeting on Saturday.

Famed artist Sabo posted several works around the venue and posted photos on his Unsavory Agents Facebook page.

A bench sign highlighted the Time magazine report this week that President Trump gets two scoops of ice cream while White House guests receive one.

Outing ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ – VIDEO

April 29, 2017

Honest Trailers – Mad Max: Fury Road – VIDEO

Tom Hardy goes Mad Max on fleeing thief in London

April 24, 2017

Tom Hardy grabs moped thief after chasing him through gardens and building site then proudly announcing ‘I caught the c***!’
SCREEN tough guy Tom Hardy nabbed a thief after a Hollywood-style chase in the street.

Charlize Theron wardrobe malfunction in Hamburg Germany uncensored photos

April 4, 2016

Charlize Theron returns as evil Queen Ravenna in the new “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” — but it was a nipple that went flying out from her outfit during the film premiere in Hamburg, Germany!

Cuckaganda domination – Men worse than worthless, we get it already

January 16, 2016

I recently heard comedian Nick DiPaolo say, “I don’t think I can watch Angelina Jolie beat the shit out of six Green Berets. My suspension of disbelief just can’t take it.” He was describing the art of ruining a great movie with propaganda, which is becoming the norm. The morbidly obese Melissa McCarthy is clenching her fists and making men cry while adolescent girls annihilate street thugs for using homophobic slurs. I’ve discussed men’s role in creating this mess before, but it’s everywhere now and it’s permeated every part of our culture. If you just landed here from outer space, you’d assume cis white scum like DiPaolo are functionally retarded and Western society is run by white women, black men, and a smattering of gays. We’ve gone from providing women and minorities with inspiring role models to turning them all into infallible gods who are constantly held back by bumbling white men.