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Miley Cyrus splits from Liam Hemsworth, no one saw that coming

August 12, 2019

Miley Cyrus appears sans wedding ring in vacation photos posted just HOURS before news of her split from Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus butt dials Liam Hemsworth

February 16, 2014

MILEY CYRUS and ex-fiance LIAM HEMSWORTH talked for the first time since their bustup – and it was beyond WEIRD!

A family pal reveals Ms. Wrecking Ball and two galpals were about to haul ass on a car trip when she unknowingly butt-dialed – and suddenly Liam’s voice barked on her cell phone: “Hello, Miley?… MILEY?”

Shocked, she saw his name displayed and gasped: “It’s Liam!”

As her grrls giggled, Miley asked her ex: “Why are you calling?”

When Liam responded she’d called him, horrified Miley realized her butt had betrayed her.

“Miley’s usually bold, but she cringed and got all embarrassed,” said the source.

“Stammering and stuttering, she told Liam she’d phoned by mistake – then hung up fast as her girlfriends screamed!”

After a good laugh, Miley confided she’d learned one thing from the call:

Hearing Liam’s voice now had no effect on her at all.

Miley Cyrus turns green whenever Liam Hensworth mentions Jennifer Lawrence

March 25, 2012

Oh, goody! A HUGE new Hollywood feud’s erupted between “Hunger Games” star JENNIFER LAWRENCE and Pop Tart MILEY CYRUS, who exploded onto the red carpet on the arm of hunky squeeze LIAM HEMSWORTH, Jennifer’s co-star, at the flick’s premiere – then did her double-D damnedest to upstage Jennifer!

“This was Jennifer’s big moment, but Miley – dressed in a sexy, eye-popping outfit – worked the carpet like she was the movie’s star,” said My SpyWitness.

“It was outrageous. Jennifer couldn’t believe Miley would try to hog all the attention. She’s steamed at her for ‘not having better manners,’ but also said she ‘feels so sorry for Liam’ because it was his moment to shine, too, yet Miley refused to take a back seat.

“It’s incredibly tense between the girls now.

“Miley’s jealous of all the praise for Jennifer’s great acting chops – and turns green whenever Liam mentions her.

“Poor Liam…caught in the middle!”