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Once secret New World Order forced out of the closet to fight Trump

December 20, 2018

Like it or not, the freedoms and liberties of average Americans are in great peril. The sobering reality that all Americans need to grasp is that the establishment elites (aka the Swamp) is about to launch a second strike in its overall plan to overthrow the legally elected choice of millions of voters who demanded that the swamp be drained.

RFK Jr. doesn’t believe Sirhan Sirhan murdered Bobby Kennedy

May 29, 2018

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn’t believe it was Sirhan Sirhan

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp exposing Deep State coup against America

May 2, 2018

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp, who details the deep state coup that’s under way right now to overthrow America and destroy the outcome of the 2016 presidential election

‘Chappaquiddick’ trailer – Ted Kennedy drunk driving drama – VIDEO

January 6, 2018

. . . . .

Ted Kennedy’s bizarre sexual harrassment antics were widely known

November 18, 2017

The sudden condemnation of sexual harrassment by Democrats within their own ranks rings a bit hollow especially due to the suspicious timing. It now seems as more of a way for Democrats to go after President Donald Trump or Judge Roy Moore of Alabama rather than sincere disgust at the sexual antics of people such as former President Bill Clinton or Senator Al Franken.

One glaring example proves this point. Remember the man hailed by liberals and the mainstream media as the “Lion of the Senate,” Ted Kennedy?

Deep State still won’t release all of the JFK Files

October 27, 2017

Former Deputy Assistant to the president Sebastian Gorka says the deep state’s move to withhold many of the JFK files “stinks to high heaven,” and that Donald Trump had nothing to do with it.

Evidence of photographic manipulation related to Lee Harvey Oswald’s death – VIDEO

July 29, 2017

Dr. Jerome Corsi and researcher Ralph C. Cinque examine evidence of photographic manipulation related to the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald by Jack Ruby

Surgeons sketch supports theory JFK was shot by two killers

June 21, 2017

JFK conspiracy theory in overdrive as sketch by surgeon who tried to save president suggests there were TWO gunmen involved in assassination
Dr Robert McClelland’s drawing claims President Kennedy was shot from the front and the back while travelling through Dallas, Texas, in 1963

De facto coup against President Trump happening before our eyes

May 22, 2017

The formula for a de facto coup against President Trump is pretty simple and it’s happening before our very eyes, according to one of the nation’s top scholars and most esteemed political analysts.

100 years of First Lady fashion photos

January 18, 2017

To get you in the mood here’s a look back on some of the First Ladies’ fashions dating from 1909 to 2013