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Halle Berry getting no R-E-S-P-E-C-T

September 9, 2015

“When Halle heard Jennifer is on the inside track for the role, she called Aretha to read her the riot act,” said the source. “Aretha wouldn’t take Halle’s calls! She had someone reply, saying casting Jennifer is just a sound business decision.”

Halle – who nabbed a Best Actress Oscar for “Monster’s Ball” and portrayed singer Dorothy Dandridge in an HBO movie – welcomed Aretha into her home and counted her as a trusted friend, revealed the source.

“Halle feels duped. It’s not her fault producers and Aretha dragged their feet for years!” the source added.

The setback is the latest to befall Halle. As The ENQUIRER recently revealed, Halle hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring, and she and third husband, French actor Olivier Martinez, are living separate lives and facing a $100 million divorce.

“Halle feels like nothing’s working right for her, professionally or personally.

“Halle is holding a massive grudge. She says she’ll never speak to Aretha again!”

But Aretha told The ENQUIRER there’s no truth to bad blood between the two, adding: “Halle and I appreciate each other. She was just on the front row of my Los Angeles concert at the Microsoft Theater.”

Barbara Walters trash talks Jennifer Hudson

October 25, 2013

JENNIFER HUDSON is furious with BARBARA WALTERS for trashing her fiancé on “The View”!

A source says the Oscar-winning singer, 32, left the show in tears after Barbara asked whether her hubby-to-be, 33-year-old David Otunga, paid for Jennifer’s engagement ring.

“Jennifer was really angry with Barbara for asking something so personal and trying to embarrass her and David,” said an insider on the daytime chat fest. “Even though Jennifer earns more than David, he does pretty well, and she doesn’t like it when someone implies he’s mooching off her.”

David, a Harvard-educated liti­gation attorney and professional wrestler, popped the question in September 2008 with a five-car­at diamond and platinum ring.

But the couple – parents of 4-year-old David Jr. – postponed their wedding after Jennifer’s mother, brother and nephew were murdered the month after their engagement.

In early October of this year, the “Dreamgirls” star was on “The View” promoting her latest film, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete,” when Barbara stepped on her toes.

The panel had previously discussed whether a woman should buy her own engagement ring, and when Jenni­fer was later chatting with the ladies, Bar­bara cattily asked her: “Did (David) pay for the ring?”

Jennifer said “yes” and flashed her spar­kler, but she broke down backstage, ac­cording to the source.

“Jennifer felt it was an insulting crack,” explained the insider.