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Street Artist Sabo Calls Out Ilhan Omar over Her Anti-Semitic Remarks

March 24, 2019

Street artist Sabo is mocking both Omar and CAIR with new street art. The art calls out Omar for her past of anti-Semitic statements.

Jeanine Pirro’s show didn’t air Saturday after remarks about Ilhan Omar

March 17, 2019

Pirro is facing criticism after appearing to suggest on her program last Saturday that Omar wears a hijab in defiance of the Constitution

President Trump responds to globalist trash Mitt Romney

January 2, 2019

Globalist trash Mitt Romney took a shot at President Trump in a Washington Post op-ed just two days before he is set to be sworn in to the Senate

Return of RINO Mitt Romney

November 26, 2018

Having served some time in non-elected office purgatory, Willard Mitt Romney, Republican of Michigan Massachusetts New Hampshire California Utah, the man who blew the 2012 presidential election against a very beatable Barack Hussein Obama, is back in action:

Whoopi Goldberg confirms her Trump Derangement Syndrome

July 20, 2018

Trump-hatred has become a cult, one whose members cannot tolerate anyone contradicting their beliefs. Trump Derangement Syndrome is the effect of the cult acting on a mind already loosely tethered to reality.

Judge Jeanine Pirro claims Woopi Goldberg cursed her out backstage at The View

July 19, 2018

“When I went off the stage, Sean, I was walking down stairs, and I said something like, ‘Whoopi I’ve fought for victims all my life.’ And she came at me and she said ‘F you’ in my face, literally spitting at me. ‘F you, get the F out of this building!’ And I said to her, ‘Did you just say that?’ And she said, ‘That’s what I just said, get the F out of this building!’ And she was screaming at me and I’m walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off. So forget about what she did to me on set, which was horrific in itself but the treatment by Whoopi Goldberg is typical of what is going on in this country. The left, they invite you on to talk, they don’t let you talk, they throw you off the show and then they throw you out of the building.”

“Hillary Clinton in panic mode” – Judge Jeanine Pirro

April 6, 2016

On this weekend’s “Justice” on Fox News Channel, host Judge Jeanine Pirro eviscerated Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton over the current state of her campaign, saying she is “in panic mode.”

Pirro noted that fellow candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%
is gaining on Clinton, even though she was supposed to have had the Democratic nomination “sewn up” by February, comparing it to her “meltdown” to now President Barack Obama in 2008.

“Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people.”

March 7, 2016

“There’s an insurrection coming. Mitt Romney just confirmed it. We’ve watched governors, the National Review, conservative leaders, establishment and party operatives trash Donald Trump. But Mitt Romney will always be remembered as the one who put us over the edge and awoke a sleeping giant, the Silent Majority, the American people.

Hillary Clinton not as clever as Claire Underwood

March 9, 2015

On Saturday, Fox News Channel “Justice with Judge Jeanine” host Judge Jeanine Pirro compared Hillary Clinton to “House of Cards” First Lady Claire Underwood.

Pirro said that Clinton “forced out that former US Air Force General, an Ambassador to Kenya, in 2012 in part for using personal e-mails for official business. Your henchwoman, Cheryl Mills told him he violated your state department policies while you didn’t even have a government account. But the rules don’t apply to you, do they?…while she pontificates to her subordinates about following the e-mail law, she does not practice what she preaches. Hillary, have you been studying Claire Underwood in ‘House of Cards’?” Before playing a clip of Underwood saying “you don’t have to mean it, you just have to say it.”

Earlier Pirro stated, “this is a woman with a past. A history of evading, obfuscating, hiding, here, making sure we only see sanitized contents of e-mails. And no one knows the game better than she. No one spins or does the Washington two-step better than she does. She’s a veteran, a veteran of scandal.”